Don't even try parsing that headline.

Seattle Out and Proud, producers of Seattle's gay pride parade, have selected a theme for this year's event, and that theme is “The Many Faces of Pride.” Who knows that that means, right? Well a-fucking-hem. Seattle Out and Proud's website has provided this—how shall I put this?—descriptive body of text to explain exactly what this year's pride parade is all about. Have at it:

This year, as you revel and participate in the 2012 Seattle Pride Parade, look to your left, then to your right. Look behind you, ahead of you, across the street. All around, you'll see it — community, and the beautiful people who make it theirs. Some will be immediately recognizable; others may catch you by surprise. But there you stand, shoulder to shoulder, comfortable and cohesive among them, your collective individualism on parade even as you stand in place — unblemished youth at the elbow of battle-scarred senior; the utterly fabulous against the gently indistinguishable; the confident alongside the questioning; the jubilant beside the impassive.

All around you, the intricate jigsaw of Pride will unfold to you — Latino and Asian and Native American and black and white; families in all their wondrous incarnations; 20-year locals and first-time visitors; the transitioning and the transgendered; the impaired and their companion animals; the athlete; the aesthete; the strange; and the stranger. These are The Many Faces of Pride.

Sounds like pride this year is not one to miss.