Turns out Cienna can continue to cover SPD with impunity, despite yesterday's fascistic 5-4 Supreme Court decision authorizing unlimited strip and body cavity searches of prisoners, without probable cause, and no matter how minor the offense. The suit was brought by a New Jersey man who was repeatedly strip searched and body cavity searched after being arrested on an erroneous seven-year-old warrant on an "unpaid" fine he'd already paid (he even showed the arresting officer the receipt). But according to a majority of justices on the highest court in the land, that's just the American way. Yay!

Essentially, police officers and prison guards are now free to use body cavity searches as a form of punishment and humiliation. Welcome to Abu Ghraib.

My first thought upon hearing the news was that Cienna might not want to be so cavalier about her jaywalking, especially so close to the East Precinct. All it takes is one pissed off police officer, and Cienna could find herself squatting naked on a concrete floor, with officers looking up her ass. But thankfully, Washington is one of a handful of states that places statutory limits on looking up Cienna's ass without a warrant.

So feel free, Cienna, to continue fearlessly covering Rich O'Neill as the feckless bag of limp dicks you say he is. (And "smelly," Cienna clarifies.)