Slog tipper idaho points us to this story in Mother Jones: "This morning, agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency, US Marshals Service, and Internal Revenue Service served a warrant on Oakland, California's Oaksterdam University, a trade school for medical marijuana growers."

I'll wait till I see the search returns before passing final judgment—maybe there was an arsenal inside or a huge money laundering operation underway?—but this looks plain idiotic. It's one thing to bust up major drug rings operating outside the scope of a state's medical marijuana law; it's another to target a school that tries to improve the medical-marijuana industry. That is, Oaksterdam is the good guys—these are the stand-up folks attempting to bring better practices and responsibility to an industry that is sometimes abused. Instead of raiding these poeple, federal agents should be hitting cartels and drug runners who undermine the law and endanger public.