...and I'm not even sure we need to. Is anyone watching it? Well whatever, we're here now, let's discuss:

I recently re-watched the pilot and first few episodes of Lost, and while yes, yes, Lost had its problems and made us all sad with the stupid church at the end, I still feel like it built really well in the beginning. Crazy stuff does go down right from the start, but the show was also about the relationships between the survivors. By the time we got to the crazy time-travel and other insane stuff we were already invested in the characters.

So, look, I like Sam Neil. And I have a deep affection for Jorge Garcia. But I feel like Alcatraz is capitalizing on my nostalgia for them and for Lost instead of earning its own way. It feels like we got thrown into the series partway through... Like JJ Abrams is saying to us, "Remember that part where you were really in love with Lost, before things started going to crap but after you were already invested?! This is just like that!!!"

You know who I don't care about? The lead... Tough-But-Vulnerable Lady Cop. I don't even hate her, she's just boring.

I dunno. What do you guys think?