I think we've all established how we feel about "Terra Nova". Oh, "Terra Nova", I wanted to love you! I kept trying to love you!

And now it seems "Terra Nova" is not long for this world. According to this article, pending the success or failure of "Touch" and "Alcatraz", the dinosaur show might not be renewed. But if you're a fan, star Jason O'Mara has a suggestion:

O'Mara, who plays sheriff Jim Shannon, is encouraging fans of the show to demonstrate their support for "Terra Nova" by sending in plastic toy dinosaurs to the people at Fox.

"If you want to address your package of little plastic dinosaurs to somebody at Fox, send them to the president of the network," O'Mara said, according to SciFi Now. "He's a good guy, so keep it friendly please."

Personally I need my plastic dinosaurs for desk protection. The plastic crustaceans are attempting a coup, and my dinosaurs are the only thing keeping them in check.