The good folks at the Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival were kind enough to ask me to help judge this year's SFFSFF, which means a few months ago, I got to watch 21 neat, strange, nerdy short films from around the world. Lindy West, who helped judge the SFFSFF last year, told me before I agreed to be a judge that the quality of the films at SFFSFF were remarkably high, and she was right; I thought maybe only one of the movies was a total bust, 12 of them were very good, and 8 of them were phenomenal. Here's a trailer for the festival:

They're showing all 21 movies tomorrow at the Cinerama in two screenings. Those two showings are sold out. But! A special encore screening of ten SFFSFF films is happening on Sunday at noon at SIFF Cinema. If, like me, you don't care about the Super Bowl, this is your perfect nerdy afternoon diversion. Go buy tickets now.