The most relaxing three hours of the month are almost upon us! With Kyle O'Quin at the piano and Maker's Mark Manhattans on special for $5. As mentioned yesterday, tonight's special guests are theater-makers David Schmader and Sarah Rudinoff. Schmader says he will be reading the New York Times Magazine and an oral history of MTV. Rudinoff says she will be reading the script for Keri Healey's new play Torso because she's trying to memorize her lines (the show opens next month at Theatre Off Jackson). Stranger news editor Dominic Holden just mentioned that he's going to be there tonight, probably reading the printed edition of today's New York Times. I will be finishing up The Gardens of Democracy by Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer, and then probably The New Yorker.

And you? What will you be reading?

(For the uninitiated: This happens in the Fireside Room at the Sorrento Hotel from 6 pm to 9 pm, it's all ages, and it's free. What's it like? It's like this.)