Cold Snap in Eastern Europe: Kills at least 48.

Why Is the CDC Keeping Secrets for Taco Bell?: Outbreaks followed by anonymity for offenders.

42 Washington Lawmakers to the Feds: Reclassify marijuana, please.

Nate Silver's Forecast for Florida: Romney by 15.

Who Is the Better Singer?: Obama or Romney?

Will Intiman Survive Today?: Will donors and Facebook fans save the theater?

Drunken Sailor Gets in Bed With 80-Year-Old Woman in Bremerton: In the wrong apartment. She gets to formally scold him later.

Washington State's Credit Outlook Downgraded: From lack of revenue, not excess spending.

Six-Story Building Heights Approved: Near Roosevelt High School.

Search for Bodies Called Off: In cruise ship wreck that killed at least 17 people; 15 still missing.

Skin Cells: Turned into brain cells.

Citigroup Has to Pay a Half-Mill: In an age bias case.

Meanwhile, Legislation: To protect pregnant women from losing their jobs.

And in a matter of days (February 10!), Wim Wenders's 3D movie Pina comes to Cinerama. I CANNOT WAIT.