Very Merry Christmas from Slog!

The White House Wishes You a Happy Holiday Too: "Shine, give, share."

Yummmm: "An Arizona man shelled out $525 for a 70-year-old fruitcake in an online auction Thursday. The proceeds of the sale in Ohio will go to helping the homeless."

Forgot Something You Need for Christmas Dinner? Eight QFCs are open today.

Lock the Liquor Cabinet: A new "social host" ordinance will fine anyone who owns, rents, or leases property where underage people are drinking whether they knew about it or not.

Sports! The NBA season starts today with the Celtics playing the Knicks. ESPN has a preview.

There's Hope Yet for a Hilarious Election! Donald Trump has filed paperwork in New York to register as an independent.

Missing Boy Found: A young boy who was kidnapped during a robbery getaway was found, unharmed: "Investigators believe the assailant did not know the child was in a white GMC vehicle when he stole it." Whoops.

In Nigeria: Church bombings on Christmas Eve and Christmas kill dozens.

The Pope's Christmas Wish? An end to violence in Syria.