In addition to being told yesterday that 20 people are being laid off company-wide (including five newsroom employees), Seattle Times staffers were also advised to expect the loss of 10 to 12 more employees in the coming year—and that it may not be possible to make all of those cuts through attrition.

The mood is obviously shitty," said one Times employee, reached by phone earlier today. "Because I think we had hoped that this was behind us. It’s a much smaller newsroom, and I think everybody was hoping that we weren’t going to deal with another round of layoffs.”

Times spokesperson Jill Mackie told me earlier that "none of the layoffs in the newsroom involve on-the-street reporters or photographers.” The Times employee I spoke with said the newsroom layoffs involve two photo editors. UPDATE: Another Times employee told me that the other three laid off newsroom employees are a sports editor and two clerical staff.