First of all: We have raised over $12,600! Hooray! (Suck it, Gawker.)

So yesterday, if you'll recall, we gave away a case of wine from Lobo Hills Wine Company. They're celebrating their one-year anniversary next Friday (with a party! Go!) and they graciously donated the generous prize. And we've picked a winner! The winner of the wine is—*drum roll*—HERNANDEZ! Congrats! I will be contacting you about your case o' wine very soon, sir.

Didn't win? Don't fret! The prizes continue! Today we're giving away a $50 gift certificate to awesome vegetarian restaurant Cafe Flora. So go donate to NW Harvest (whatever you can afford) and send your receipt to and not only will you get an Awesome Person tag on your Slog profile, but you'll also be entered to win the Cafe Flora prize.

Good luck and a sincere thanks to every single one of you who've donated so far.