If Obama looks unbeatable, Cains chances at being the nominee improve.

I want to look at three kinds of interactions or behaviors in the animal kingdom. There is selfishness (an individual promotes only his/her own interests); there is altruism (an individual promotes, with a cost, the interests of another individual), and spite (an individual harms, with a cost, another person). I read somewhere that you can find examples of selfish and altruistic interactions in all animals. Spite, on the other hand, can only found in the human animal. I bring this up because Herman Cain. My theory: His chances of winning the GOP nomination depend on how his party reads Obama's chances of winning reelection. If Obama looks unbeatable, Cain's chances of winning the nomination dramatically improve. And it is more and more looking like Obama is unbeatable.

Yet when all adults are asked about hypothetical head-to-head matchups, Obama and Romney run almost even, with Obama leading 48 to 45 percent. Obama holds a narrow edge over Cain, 49 percent to 43 percent. He leads Perry, 51 percent to 42 percent.
The economy did not crash. The dip is becoming less likely. Pirates are dead. Osama is dead. Gaddafi is dead. Will people be willing to change a situation that is not desperate? Probably not. Instead of putting up a good fight, the GOP turns to spite. It elects crazy Cain to run against Obama. Why is this spiteful? It's saying, at a great political cost: You are nothing but a black man to us. That's what we think of you. Giving you a white man would be too good for you. We give you you, you black man.