And that's not a crime, of course, and you probably weren't the only person to stiff a bartender in Seattle this weekend. But you were the only person dumb/hateful/angry enough to write this on your credit card slip:


I'm sure there's another side to this story—maybe you felt your bartender was rude? rude enough for you to stiff her and attack her for her looks?—but however many sides there are, Andrew, however rude a Capitol Hill bartender can be, I shouldn't have to tell someone who works at freaking Microsoft about social media. Bartenders can toss shit up on Facebook too. It's true! And your receipt is all over Facebook. As is your full name, your photograph, your phone number, the name of your employer, the name of your frat, and more. All shit this bartender's angry friends managed to dig up in a weekend. Now bar owners and bartenders are talking about posting your picture—which they also managed to find—at the doors of their bars and clubs and 86ing you from all of 'em.

So, like, basically, Andrew, the days when a guy with a good paying job could say incredibly shitty things to a server with total impunity are pretty much over. Thanks to the tech sector. You know: your industry.

I'm thinking you might wanna head over to Victoria's Facebook page and, I dunno, apologize maybe? Just blame the booze, Andrew.

UPDATE: Derek Erdman has an interview with Victoria here.

UPDATE: Andrew doesn't work at Microsoft, says people who work at Microsoft. Also, some are saying I shouldn't have posted this. But it was freaking everywhere already—all over Facebook, all over Jezebel—and it was a thing that happened, a thing that people were talking about, and my ignoring it or keeping it off Slog wouldn't have made a thing that didn't happen and that people weren't talking about. I left Andrew's full name out of it, and kept his signature off Slog, because that felt like it was over the line. And my point wasn't—and clearly isn't—"GO GET HIM!" (the flying monkeys know when they've been called out), but that we live in a different world now. Be an asshole if you like, treat people like shit, stiff your bartender. But you might not want to write your assholery down and sign your name to it, you know? Because the Internet.