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It's the same stupid Obama/Hitler sign that smug racist* scumbags have been standing next to for years. These fucking idiots are like catnip to me. Having no self-control, I asked whether Obama had exterminated six million innocent people—update: a commenter to this post points out the number's more like 12 million, and Wikipedia says "as many as 17 million"—and the one on the left said, "Uh, you've never heard of Anwar al-Aulaqi?"

I said I had just been reading about Anwar al-Aulaqi.

The guy on the left went on: "He was an American! He hadn't done anything! OBAMA KILLED HIM FOR HIS THOUGHTS!"

I said, "No, I think he killed him because he was an al Qaeda operative."

The one on the left said, "He hadn't done anything!"

I said, "Except advise the Christmas Day bomber to wait until he was over Detroit to detonate his underwear, so he could kill as many innocent Americans as possible."

"For his thoughts!" the one on the left went on, not listening. "YOU COULD BE NEXT!"

Considering I have no plans to join al Qaeda, I'm not that worried. The light changed and I crossed the street and bought a smoothie.

* It's just my personal opinion that vilifying Obama by making shit up and conflating him with one of history's most accomplished evil-doers is racist. But like I said, that's just my opinion. Let's poll it!