UPDATE 2: Taco Bells exist, and St. George, Utah, exists, but Jonas Hillary doesn't. Says Taco Bell:

There is a false rumor circulating online that an alleged Taco Bell manager posted hateful messages on a memorial site. In fact the person who wrote the post does not exist let alone work for Taco Bell or one of our franchisees. We have the responsibility to our more than 130,000 team members and 350 franchisees to protect their reputation with our millions of loyal customers from this false and damaging claim. To be clear, we have ZERO tolerance for these views, which do not in any way reflect our values as an organization. We embrace diversity in the workplace and we go to great lengths to create a harassment-free work environment.

Sadly the "person who wrote the post" does exist. But he's just another anonymous asshole troll, not the manager of a Taco Bell. By way of penance—for helping this troll do his trolling—I'm going to go eat three Taco Bell chalupas.

UPDATE: Okay, some are pointing out that this profile could be fake—a random headshot, a recently created FB profile, basic trolling behavior. Still a dick move—showing up on a FB memorial page to mock a dead kid in front of his family and friends—but there may not be a Jonas Hillary, or a Taco Bell in St. George, Utah, or a St. George, Utah, or a Utah. Anyone care to do some sleuthing?

* * * * *

Some of them are managing Taco Bell outlets. Meet Jonas Hillary, who wants us to know that he's a manager of a Taco Bell in St. George, Utah. And here's the message Jonas left on Jamey Rodemeyer's Facebook memorial page today:


Here's a screen grab of Jonas' Facebook page:


Nice work, St. Lawrence High & University of Michigan. That's a mighty fine citizen you helped turn out. And Taco Bell? Nice manager you've got there. And I'm sure all the LGBT employees at the outlet Jonas supervises feel like their boss is creating a safe work environment for them. And no doubt your LGBT customers—to say nothing of Jamey's friends and family members—appreciate Jonas's sensitivity and tact at this sad time.

Hey, Taco Bell has a Facebook page too. And a site where you can leave messages for the folks at corporate.