Don't fret if you haven't heard that President Obama is going to be in town this Sunday. He'll only be here for a couple of hours anyway, and all he's doing is two private fundraising events—one in Medina and one at the Paramount.

But that doesn't mean local interest groups aren't trying hard to get his attention. Take, for example, the indefatigable Steve Breaux of WashPIRG, who's welcoming Obama to town with a report on Washington State's busted bridges and declaring: "President Obama’s call to repair our infrastructure is on target." (Breaux just wants the president to target more of Washington's bridges for repair.)

And then there's the people at Save Our Wild Salmon, who have some things to say about how federal funding for more projects like the Elwha River restoration can help "recapture thousands of long-term jobs and generate billions of dollars in economic activity." They'll be trying to catch Obama's eye with the help of this fish on wheels:


Welcome to Seattle, Mr. President!