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Friday, September 2, 2011

So What Comedy Should You See This Weekend?

Posted by on Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 4:13 PM

Honestly, it's a totally solid if not thrilling comedy lineup at B-shoot this year. There's nothing on the list that I think would be anything less than ha-ha-larious were you to wander in off the street. But here are the things that you should definitely not fucking miss—in descending order from most-not-fucking-missable to least-most-not-fucking-missable. These are the shows that I will attend the fuck out of:


(Sat—Mon, 6 pm, Bagley Wright) Paul F. Tompkins is my favorite comedian. Full stop. This show is mandatory. LW


(Sat, 2:45 pm; Sun, 4:30 pm; Mon, 6:15; Intiman) This is a fucking GREAT lineup. It would be stupid to go to only one thing at Bumbershoot this year, but if you DO go to only one thing because you're a human freak of some kind, this is probably the one thing you should go to. LA-based Kyle Kinane is one of the smartest fuckups on the planet. He's also one of my favorite comics existing right now (and yours, too, even if you don't know yet, snail-face). He has a beard. Hari Kondabolu is a treasure, which I have explained in this paper approximately infinity-plus-one times. Anthony Jeselnik is a charming prick. LW


(Mon, 1:15 pm, Vera Project) Two-man sketch group Charles's full-length show, The Ace of Bass, is one of the most inspired and inspiring chunks of comedy produced all year. Noted crank Brendan Kiley wrote of that show: "Charles seems silly, but its two brains are working overtime... For years the Cody Rivers Show was the reigning avant-sketch comedy duo in the Northwest. Pretty soon, Charles is going to need its own crown." AGREED. KINDLY DIRECT ME TO THE CROWN STORE. LW


(Sat, 1 pm; Sun, 2:45 pm; Mon, 8 pm; Intiman) Rory Scovel is a genius person. His comedy is absurd and improvisational, floating along on a faint Southern drawl and expanding into weird corners of the universe that you didn't know were there. Also, Scovel lives in Los Angeles (yes, THAT Los Angeles!), which means he doesn't live here, which means you really ought to fucking go see him while you have the chance. Also, he is about to be famous in like five seconds so GET ON THAT SHIT.

And like I said earlier, everything is good! Doug Benson! Eugene Mirman! Andy Haynes! All of these things are good things! Just wander through some doors and watch some jokes and you will be happy.


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Comedy Bang Bang is happening on ALL THREE DAYS! It's a Christmas miracle!
Posted by Monty on September 3, 2011 at 9:43 AM · Report this
I have a serious question for Lindy West, Comedy Enthusiast:

What's the point in seeing any given stand-up comic more than once every couple of years?

They just don't change their sets very often. It seems to take quite a while for any comic, even a working one, to come up with enough new material to fill a 5-minute slot, let alone the 15-20 minutes that a low-end tour requires.

If you saw a comic a few months ago, why should you go see him or her again? I can see how maybe you should go out of guilt if you watched their current act on Youtube, and you should pretend to laugh like it's the first time, because even stand-up comedians have egos and you shouldn't crush them for no good reason, but why would you go see an act twice?
Posted by robotslave on September 3, 2011 at 4:39 PM · Report this
TheRain 3
Tompkins? Your favorite? Seriously?
Posted by TheRain on September 5, 2011 at 3:05 PM · Report this

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