Ludovic Morlot: Sex, lies, videotape, and symphony, people!
  • Ludovic Morlot: Sex, lies, videotape, and symphony, people!
This year, I'm actually excited to go to Bumbershoot. I have only a dim memory of this sensation, and I am loving it! Yesterday, I wrote about one of the shows I'm looking forward to, Bumber by Number. There is yet another: Symphony Untuxed.

This is the first time Seattle Symphony has ever played Bumbershoot. (Tickets.)

And this isn't the Seattle Symphony of the last 26 years—this is the Seattle Symphony of the future. It's led not by longtime music director Gerry Schwarz but rather by a 37-year-old Frenchman named Ludovic Morlot, who in certain pictures bears a resemblance to James Spader.

Morlot will take the stage at 9:45 pm Sunday as his first public concert since he accepted the job. But in addition to conducting, he'll sit down and play his violin. The program is music by Philip Glass, Anthony DiLorenzo, Vivaldi (the Double Violin Concerto, on which Morlot will play), Seth Krimsky (a new piece for electric bassoon), and Tom Johnson's lovable Failing: A Very Difficult Piece for Solo String Bass, to be performed by Joseph Kaufman.

Thank you in advance for not boring the hell out of those of us who love the art of music, regardless of what it's called, who plays it, what they wear, or the venue.