Elizabeth Campbell, a deep-bore tunnel critic and self-described "intrepid internet user," was Googling last night when she encountered a link with portions of a tunnel financing plan that the state has refused to give up.

"I experienced glee and then I laughed to myself," Campbell says about finding the state's FTP site. "It was kind of like, what was the big production about saying "you can't have it" and "I'm going to sue you for it"?

The state estimated in 2009 that the $4.2 billion Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project would require $1.9 billion in financing—just on the state's $2.4 billion contribution to the project—but that figure didn't include financing for $400 million in tolling bonds or $1.2 billion paid by the City of Seattle and the Port of Seattle. The final plan, which the state officially refuses to disclose, may account for the financing and interest costs of the whole project.

Including letters from as recently as June 23, there are two documents: one with 48 pages and one with 221 pages.

I haven't looked through these; dig in!