So says Jack Cunningham, a tattoo artist from "everywhere" who's in Cal Anderson park right now—next to the basketball courts—tattooing Loyalty and Betrayal onto the forearms of a gentleman. Cunningham says it's his first time tattooing on Capitol Hill. And in a park. He doesn't have a tattoo studio—just a gun, some ink, and a cd on the ground (which he's dumping the ink onto)—but says he's in Seattle today "representing Tacoma and all of the suburbs."

Jack Cunningham, tattoo artist.
  • Jack Cunningham, tattoo artist.

"The parks should be honored to have us," he says when I ask why the fuck he's tattooing a man in a public park. "It's a beautiful day for tattoos in the park."

Loyalty vs. Bravery
  • Loyalty vs. Bravery