Man, the Bradley Manning story is one sad-sack case. Wired published today the full chat logs between Manning (a young unhappy transgender kid from small-town Oklahoma and the reason any of us ever saw that video of those American soldiers in Iraq shooting dead Reuters journalists from their helicopter) and the hacker who would eventually turn him in, Adrian Lamo. Lamo told Manning his secrets were safe with him because he was "a journalist and a minister" (oh man) and used Manning's "gender identity crisis... to win his trust," as Gawker puts it. Manning faces more than 20 charges relating to illegally leaking classified documents and aiding the enemy, he's being held under humiliating conditions at Quantico Marine Corps Base in Virginia, and my gut tells me he's never going to see a day of freedom for the rest of his life. He turned 23 this year. I haven't read the whole chat log yet, but I skipped to the end, and there's a kind of soliloquy by Manning there that kills me.

(06:16:21 PM) bradass87: i dont know if i can meet people who love me
(06:16:37 PM) bradass87: no-one ever sticks around long enough to know me
(06:16:45 PM) bradass87: those who do, become good friends…
(06:16:51 PM) bradass87: but thats not the same
(06:17:18 PM) bradass87: i just ended my first ltr
(06:17:30 PM) bradass87: so im probably still depressed
(06:17:45 PM) bradass87: (i dont know my own emotions that well)
(06:17:58 PM) bradass87: [repression is a bitch]
(06:19:08 PM) bradass87: i often get to know people intimately well
(06:19:14 PM) bradass87: but it doesn’t reflect
(06:24:29 PM) bradass87: ive seen far more than a 22 y/o should