David Blomstrom is running for the Seattle School Board, Position 3, and he has a lot on his mind. King County's Department of Elections posts contact information for every candidate running for office in the August primary, including candidates' websites. Blomstrom's is called Seattle-Mafia.org.

There's lots of quality content on the homepage.

Such as: A photo of Gary Locke with the caption, "Remember this asshole? George W. Bush’s twin brother, Obama, put him in charge of the Dept. of Commerce." Also featured: Bill Gates's head Photoshopped onto Hitler's body from a propaganda poster, declarations that Seattle is a "corporate whorehouse," and effusive praise of Hugo Chavez.

I called Blomstrom earlier today to set up a Stranger Election Control Board endorsement interview, but Blomstrom told me he doesn't "do endorsement interviews". Too bad—he's my favorite candidate already.