Due to anti-Trump pressure from ThinkProgress, Groupon just announced that they're not going to advertise on The Apprentice. (Because lord knows Groupon has never made a mistake with its advertising before.) Groupon is apparently just the first: Enterprise is currently denying that they advertise on The Apprentice, even though their ads were on the show's website a couple hours ago.

I've heard surprisingly little up till now about an Apprentice boycott, and I wonder if it has to do with a problem of perception: Even though Glenn Beck couldn't rationally be called a reporter, for instance, his show is still couched in the news format and so it faced retribution from wary advertisers. But people still see Donald Trump as an entertainer first, and so his non-news show has escaped relatively unscathed. As he's becoming more of a political figure, is his entertainment brand about to take a beating?