James Franco is beautiful. James Franco in Your Highness—James Franco with long, shaggy brown hair—is so beautiful I can barely stand it. But is getting to stare at James Franco with long, shaggy brown hair worth sitting through the worst reviewed movie of the year?

Gingival surgery would be more fun than watching this brain-draining, spirit-sucking attempt at a stoner spoof, which combines the cutting edge of frat-boy wit, the excitement of a mid-'80s made-for-TV action flick and the authenticity of a Renaissance Faire held in an abandoned field behind a Courtyard by Marriott. A bus trip from Duluth to Sioux City would be more fun, and don't think I didn't do my research: That takes 13 hours and costs 96 bucks.

I'm on the fence. Atrocious film's atrocious trailer after the jump.