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Good On Ya, Brucie!

Austria's Infamous Obama-Mask Robber

TV Headline of the Day (Perhaps Millennium)

About Those Talking Babies...

Joe Bageant

March 2011 Fails, or, Idiots on Parade

Someone, Call the Guinness Book!

"I'm going to show you God does exist."

Escaped Cobra Found

Debacle of a Talk at SAM Last Night?

Tip of the Day

Q: How can I disguise a "Jesus fish" tattoo?

Stupid White Men

My New Favorite Blog

Microsoft Accuses Google of Antitrust Violations

Who's a Flying Monkey Now?

"Cut or shut! Cut or shut!"

Fran Lebowitz Talking About Jane Austen

Governor Would Have Sued to Keep Referendum Off Ballot

Remember That Time I Said a Band Made Me Want to Barf?

Dept. of Unfortunate URLs

Fringe Presidential Candidates Gird Their Loins

Northwest Film Forum Gets Their Liquor License

Birds of the City: A University District Parking Lot

"Uterus! Uterus! Uterus!"

Tunnel Advocates Have Something to Say

Re: RIP, Scott Simpson

Bias in the Defense of Liberty Is No Vice

Overheard at American Airlines Flight 1919

Obama Gives Shout-Out to Inslee

Death Turns the Page With You

The Pentagon Is Still Discharging Gay Soldiers

Not Forgotten

The Morning News

Which Is the Worst R.E.M. Song?

That's One Reason to Come Out

You Believe in God?

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