Doesn't the fourth horseman of the apocalypse ride a crepe/hot dog?

LECOSHO downtown: Matt Janke—the namesake of Matt’s in the Market, with which he’s no longer involved—runs this Northwest/seasonal restaurant overlooking the Harbor Steps. “Lecosho” is Chinook for “pig,” and bacon/sausage/charcuterie are made in-house, but there’s also other meats, seafood, and pasta. It is reportedly candlelit and cozy, which sounds nice.

Primo is really pretty.
  • Primo is really pretty.

PRIMO on First Hill: Primo is a pizza and pasta and hoagie place opened by two local guys in the space that formerly housed Geneva (and, briefly, Rustica, then, more briefly, Beams). The dome-ceilinged room is beautiful; if the hand-tossed pies are good, this could be magic. Note: free delivery to First Hill and downtown.

UNCLE MIKE’S BBQ in White Center: Uncle Mike’s BBQ is for “young and old, near and far” (as long as you have teeth). There’s the usual barbecue (ribs, brisket, links, etc.), as well as vegetarian sandwiches and salads created by co-owner Elizabeth Gordon, who is probably the only vegetarian co-owner of a barbecue joint on the planet.

VITO’S RESTAURANT & LOUNGE on First Hill: Vito’s is back, returned to its former old-school Italiano-style glory by Hideout/Vital 5 maestro Greg Lundgren. Where mobsters and mayors and priests once convened, a cocktail and a plate of pasta wait for you. In the kitchen: Michael Bruno, formerly of Capitol Hill favorite Tango. The ace bar staff, looking dapper, awaits to mix you a perfect martini.

THE LOCAL VINE on Capitol Hill: With more than 80 by-the-glass pours, small plates, and lots of tastings and classes, the Local Vine seeks to demystify wine in an upscale (and notably scalable) environment. As the two owners—both Harvard MBAs with big-time corporate resumes—say, “Call us crazy, but we think it’s doable.” The original L.V. in Belltown closed down because the building was so shoddily constructed, it has to be demolished.

BANDOLERO in Green Lake: Located where the Luau Lounge then (fleetingly) the Pour House used to be, Bandolero has a Mexican menu and lots of different kinds of tequila. Drinking-age patrons are invited to join the Tequila Club, which involves trying 30 tequilas (“not all in one night”), with your 10th, 20th, and 30th shot costing only one US penny.

EL NORTE in Lake City: A bar with tacos, nachos, and so forth brought to you by the good people of the popular Mexican restaurant Mr. Villa, which is a few miles south on Lake City Way.

CREPAN CREPE WORLD on First Hill: Your fondest wish has been realized at this Japanese-style crepe place: crepes fused with hot dogs.

Good loud fun.
  • Colleen Roman
  • Good loud fun.

ROYAL BOOZE & BURRITOS in the U District: This Mexican-themed bar and restaurant on the Ave got complaints filed against it right away for noise and such, which obviously equals good times (unless you’re its neighbor).

THE OLIVE AND GRAPE on Greenwood: The Olive and Grape promises a “casual Mediterranean experience in the heart of Greenwood.” It’s in the same location as Olive You (without the lame homophone).

QUEEN MARGHERITA in Magnolia: Here you will find pizzas wood-fired in one of those ovens made with special Mount Vesuvius bricks, brought to you by the people who run nearby Mondello.


NOW CLOSED: THE BUCKAROO TAVERN in Fremont • FIXX COFFEE BAR in Madison Park • HOOTERS in South Park • THE POUR HOUSE in Green Lake • REDLINE in West Seattle • SNACKS! in Ballard

This post assembled with the valiant assistance of Chow intern Matthew Bathan.