Hempfest is this Saturday and Sunday. Here's more info. And the big news at this year's event: The folks behind the pot initiative that failed to make the ballot this year say they're going to announce a new campaign to run another initiative in 2011. "We are going to put it on the ballot next year for sure," says Douglas Hiatt, spokesman for Sensible Washington. He says the measure—somewhat controversial because the language eliminated all pot penalties from the state books with no limitations (legalizing selling, growing, distributing, etc.)—will be the "same initiative, better plan."

(In case you're wondering about the poster's text (i.e., "This ones for you Jack" [sic]), "Jack" is the late Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes, a book about the virtues of hemp that helped start the modern pot-legalization movement.)