One part of the local economic picture:

Among the dignitaries speaking at Wednesday's ceremonial opening of the new Google campus in Kirkland was the guy who first approved the company's engineering office in the Seattle area.

Alan Eustace, Google senior vice president of engineering and research, said it began five years ago when three smart and persuasive people applied at once to work at Google and they wanted to work in the area.

Another part of that picture:

Kight said the goal is to have the new facility in Charleston up and running by 2011, with the first airplane rolling out in 2012.

Boeing will also paint, flight test and deliver the airplanes from there.

For the first two to three years of 787 production, Kight said, there will be a surge of production in Everett to ensure the successful introduction of the 787-9, the first derivative model of the 787 after the initial 787-8.

After that, he said, the production surge in Everett will be phased out and moved to Charleston.

The order of the our economic galaxy: Tacoma has a military base; Bellevue's base is information technologies; Seattle, the core of the galaxy, has a health and education base; Everett has its base in aircraft production. What will be the fate of Everett? The Detroit of the future? Everything now depends on the success or failure of airplane production (which is not the same as automobile production) in a neoliberal environment. Meaning, can reliable airplanes be made in conditions that are unfavorable to workers? We will find out soon enough.