"I just got a phone survey call," Tyler Folsom wrote on the McGinn for Mayor Facebook page earlier today. "Looks like Ed Murray is floating the idea of a write-in campaign for mayor."

Someone may be floating the idea—and doing some polling on it—but it isn't State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43), according to State Sen. Ed Murray (D-43).

"I am just coming back from several days in the Cascades with Michael," Murray wrote in response to an email seeking comment. "We have been out of cell phone range. I don't have a poll out there, and have not asked for one. (If I did I would be required to report it.) This is the first I have heard of it."

Murray added that he had "received calls asking me to consider [running as] a write in," but he hasn't met with anyone or—again—commissioned any polls. And in a follow-up email Murray emphasized that he is not—at this moment—planning on jumping into the mayoral race as a write-in candidate.

"But I might consider it after I have a chance to return all the emails and phone calls I received asking me to consider it while I was gone," said Murray.

That clear?