komoproblemsolver.jpgCan someone please explain to me just what the "problem" is that KOMO's "problem solver" is trying to solve here? And Allena doesn't "own" the Center for Sex Positive Culture, KOMO, as it's... a non-profit. So it doesn't have an owner. And don't you love the way the announcer pronounces the word "sex"? He makes it sound all dirty and stuff. And who's the feather-haired douchebag screaming about people having sex on the premises?

Next up on KOMO: There are people having ssssseeeeexxxxx "on the premises" of dozens of multi-million-dollar businesses in downtown Seattle. Hotels? OR SEX CLUBS! ZOMG!

And I'm not sure what KOMO means by "we're paying for it"—unless KOMO is referring to the Center's tax-exempt status. In which case lots of us are "paying for" all sorts of shit around here that we might not want to: churches, fringe theaters, and pretty soon CrossCut too.

Be sure to tune in to KOMO tonight at 11 for your steaming pile of sex-negative hysteria.