Stranger Recommended - Up & Coming

Neighbors, Peeping Tomboys, The Beach Boy, Dozer

Thu., June 26 2014 This event has passed.   |   21+ Blue Moon Tavern, 712 NE 45th St, 206-675-9116

Something of a triple dose of up-and-coming talent we've got here. Neighbors tow the line between snark and poignancy with the charming ease of all your favorite 90's jangle-rockers, complete with sung-spoken lyrics about "muscle girls" and calling out of work because you're hungover. It's nothing new, but as long as the world contains twenty-somethings who have shitty jobs, smoke weed and get sorta bummed about commitment, there will always be a place for bands like Neighbors. Peeping Tomboys have a new cassette coming out in July, and if it's anything like their debut, expect hook-laden rock with occasional psychotropic tendencies. Rounding things out are surf-snarlers the Beach Boy, who reliably scuzz the vibe of any venue that'll have them with caustic whorls of distortion and catchy clangor. Tres bandas -tres bien! KYLE FLECK

Blue Moon Tavern

712 NE 45th St
Seattle, WA, 98105 (University District)
(206) 675-9116