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Mondays-Saturdays. Continues through Feb. 28 2013 This event has passed.   |   Free Winston Wachter Fine Art, 203 Dexter Ave N, 206-652-5855
Klavier-Stücke: the MacArthur-winning New Yorker profile subject Trimpin—who happens to be a Seattle artist—is paying homage to the 100th birthdays of the late John Cage and Conlon Nancarrow with a series of deconstructed pianos that make music based on a set of colored screen prints on the wall. The prints are read by a motorized robot arm, which translates colors into musical cues sent to the pianos. Also expect: a work of art that operates like a vending machine. Put in a quarter and a window rolls up to reveal—wait for it—a Thomas Kinkade painting Trimpin hilariously owns (it was a gift, he says by way of disavowal; "Kinkade was one of those hypocritical Christians," Trimpin continues. "Did you know he peed on Winnie the Pooh once?"). As of press time, Trimpin was still breathlessly searching for his Kinkade, which he had somehow misplaced.

Winston Wachter Fine Art

203 Dexter Ave N
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