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Jen Graves—The Stranger’s visual arts writer—writes about things you mostly, but not strictly, approach with your eyeballs. She was a finalist for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism, and her writing has been in Art in America, the Believer, and ArtNews. The Warhol Foundation has given her money to get lost in land art, and she digs teaching, too, at places like Centrum and Cornish College of the Arts. Jen has lived and written about art in the Pacific Northwest for 15 years.

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    Artists Are Not Working-Class

    A Book for Everybody Who Doesn't Love Capitalism Forever
    Posted on 07/10/2013
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    Tiny Mammoths

    From the Amazing 2,000-Pound Camera Works of Carleton Watkins
    Posted on 12/14/2011
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    Coming Home and Coming Home

    Jonathan Raban Keeps Coming Home to Seattle
    Posted on 11/02/2011
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    Prison Planet

    We Need to Talk About Who We're Throwing in Jail
    Posted on 10/12/2011
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    The Heroic Victim

    Empathy and Depravity in a Sort of Korean Pride and Prejudice
    Posted on 08/17/2011
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    Could Kickstarter Be Evil?

    Paul Constant and Jen Graves Debate Art, Money, and the Internet
    Posted on 04/27/2011
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    Book Review Revue

    Books About Penises, Balls, America, and Art Penises
    Posted on 11/20/2008
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    New in Books

    A Review of My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy
    Posted on 06/05/2008
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    New in Books

    Reviews of Rock On, Seattle Architecture, and Lust.
    Posted on 02/14/2008
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    New in Books

    Immature Talent, Snooty People, and Human Tempura
    Posted on 07/26/2007
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    New in Books

    A Novelish Memoir, a Posthumous Novel, and a Toronto Novel
    Posted on 04/19/2007
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    Heavy Like a Living Thing

    The Best Book About Art I’ve Ever Read
    Posted on 02/01/2007
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    The Immortal Words

    During a high-school math class 13 years ago, one best friend confirmed to another in a note, "He told me today that he does have extra feelings for me. Please destroy this," before adding, "Why do Dana's Keds always look spotless?"
    Posted on 05/25/2006
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    Decider Does Decorator

    The NEA's Going to Love Karen Finley Now
    Posted on 05/04/2006

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