Beating Up Bachman

Thurs-Sat at 7:30 pm. Through Feb 16. This event has passed.   |   $17-$20 West of Lenin, 203 N 36th St, 206-352-1777
"This new play by Wayne Rawley centers on the Trucker sisters, three tough, small-town broads facing a whirlwind of emotional and financial disasters: a death in the family, bankruptcy, the appearance of a vampiric ex-wife who wants custody of a child, and some inept, bumbling attempts at domestic violence. (Rawley, like Irish playwright Martin McDonagh, has a gift for writing the sillier side of brutal acts that would be horrifying in real life. And it helps, in the case of Bachman, that the female characters—including grumpy old mama Trucker—are ten times tougher than any of the men.) The only real trouble with Bachman: It's twice as long as it needs to be. It contains a few diamond-sharp lines and some genuine surprises, but we have to wade through a few acres of unnecessary swampland to get there." (Brendan Kiley)

Event contact:

West of Lenin

203 N 36th St
Seattle, WA, 98103 (Fremont)
(206) 352-1777