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A Note from the Editor About the March 13, 2013, Issue

Let's talk about reading articles. It's one of my favorite things. Every week when The Stranger is getting articles ready to go to the printer, I drench myself in champagne and imbibe the words of our contributors—the bright notes, the crisp finishes, the breathtaking fonts, the stirring feelings that writers stir up in us all [men and women]. If it wasn't for our writers, articles wouldn't exist in The Stranger, great, influential, life-changing articles that make a positive impact on this vast publication.

Throughout history, one of the great pastimes that have brought people together is social gatherings. And it's hard to have a social gathering without a little social lubricant to sauce up the naughty bits and put a little spring in your smile. You know what they say: A Ketel One and tonic makes the heart grow fonder! I'm also all about beer. Basically my thing is, if it has bubbles, I'm in!

Springtime is the most bubbling time of year, bubbling with new life, and The Stranger's promotions department took that idea and ran with it. And I have to say, they did not drop the ball. After I bounced that ball into their court, they hit it out of the park, finding some beautiful, sexy musicians and beer experts in Seattle to partner with for our first-ever beer-and-music bash, called Penumbra, which is a reference to not letting the raindrops keep falling on your head. (This may be an un-PC thing to say in the land of coffee and grunge, but sometimes these gloomy skies make me miss SoCal.) Some may not think brewskies can make you feel sexy, but we all know you've tasted beer so good that you've said, "OMG, this is better than sex." Especially if while you're drinking that beer you get to see a live performance by the Catheters, a punk rock band that is most definitely not bullshit! Suffice it to say, I am bubbling over with excitement (pun intended) for you to read the article by Brian Standeford of the Catheters on page 15. He did the art, too. He has the riot stuff.

If you're hungering for more far-flung beer knowledge, turn those beer goggles over to the article by contributor Kendall Jones, the main man behind the Washington Beer Blog, who contains in his noggin more hops-centric knowledge than you could shake a stick at. Great beer needs to be tested for quality, ingredients, and foaminess, as Jones has learned from harrowing firsthand experience. Yes, he swallowed.

Christopher Frizzelle
Editor, The Stranger


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Love it! Love the heels!
Posted by pat L on March 16, 2013 at 9:26 AM · Report this
Posted by pdonahue on March 19, 2013 at 9:21 PM · Report this
Please tell me your photo was inspired by the 'gotta take a duke' squat by Charity Mainville in the editor's letter of D List this month. If so you are hee-larious and I think I'm in love!
Posted by GoodLisa on March 20, 2013 at 11:36 AM · Report this

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