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Friday, February 8, 2008

Is KEXP's John Richards Moving to New York?

posted by on February 8 at 10:15 AM

An anonymous e-mail we got this morning says that he is.

Read about it on Line Out.

(We've contacted the station to see if there's any truth to this and haven't heard back yet. We'll keep you posted)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 7 at 3:05 PM

Girls and Math Rock: Like apples and razorblades.

Soundcheck: Radio Poll! Vote on a number of important questions. Like who's better, Journey or Foreigner?

SXSW: See the list of hometown heroes who'll be heading to Texas in March. Also, find out who Eric Grandy's excited to see while down there.

Dance Revolution: Hell, even I'd go out dancing if everyone was dancing like this guy.

Terry Miller's Book Report: Read why Turn the Beat Around is really great.

More on the Books Front: Chris DeLaurenti's been reading Morton Feldman's essays.

Stars and Sharp Shoes: The future is here.

Pro-Waraoke: John McCain sings the Beach Boys.

Tonight in Music: The Seattle Symphony, Talkdemonic, and more. Also, boys vs. girls.

On the Wagon: Ari Spool gives up drinking and gives up fun.

Does Anyone Really Like Rush?: The answer is no. Well, some people say yes, but I say no.

Q&A with Tad: The local legend talks about his new band, his new DVD, and his old habits.

Morris vs. Morrish: The record (Morris On) and the dancing. The crazy, crazy dancing.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 6 at 3:43 PM

Go to Jail: Everett man gets six years for impersonating a member of Queensryche.

Walk to Remember: Christopher Frizzelle recommends Murder City Devils for long, lonely walks and public urination.

The New PWRFL Power Record: It's cute and good and you can listen to a couple songs for free.

More Musical Chairs: Kwab Copeland shuffles over from Jules Maes and Slim's to the High Dive.

Handsome Devil: Find out who Morrissey is voting for and see his bare ass.

Tonight in Music: Todd Snider at Showbox at the Market.

Introducing Bad Horses Productions: Make short runs of your CD for a buck a disc.

Puck Rock: Who knew? There are a lot of songs about hockey.

Ghostface: Rapping after 30.

Charles Mudede's Song of the Day: Jorge Ben’s “Ponta De Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma).”

Disco Impact: Daniele Baldelli is still one of the greatest DJs in disco.

Del Goes Def: Del the Funky Homosapien is releasing his next record on Def Jux.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on February 5 at 3:48 PM

Today's Music News: Britney restrains former manager, the White Stripes get sued, and the music from Harold and Maude finally sees its day.

PWRFL Power's Road Diary: More Cheese Whiz and a house called "Little Pancakes."

Question and Statement: Jeff Kirby wants to know why is 50 Cent endorsing Hilary? He also wants you to know that Bill O'Reilly is an asshole.

Photo: Hopscotch Boys at the Blue Moon.

In Stores Today: Nada Surf's Lucky and Hot Chip's Made in the Dark.

Tonight in Music: Ships and Olivier Latry.

With Science: Science and music and music and science and what's happened since 1989.

Barack vs. Hillary: Who the rockstars are voting for.

Speaking of Scarlett Johansson: Here's the Teenagers' "Starlett Johansson."

Breakdancing Babies: Brought to you by Ari Spool and YouTube.

"Fuck What Yo' Mama Say: I'mma Vote Obama Way."

Upcoming In-stores: Grand Archives, Kimya Dawson, Speaker Speaker, and Tullycraft all playing a record store near you.

Speaking of Kimya Dawson: The Moldy Peaches records are blowing up on eBay.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Today and This Weekend in Line Out

posted by on February 4 at 3:07 PM

Is Ari Spool Uncool: Because she wants to be in a cheesy cover band?

PWRFL Power's Tour Diary: "Does Cheese Whiz stand for Cheese Wizard?"

Appreciation for Isaac Hayes: From Charles Mudede.

I Hate the word "Earworm": There's gotta be a better word for a song you can't get out of your head.

The Final Dystopia LP: Is available for real this time.

More on Cover Bands: And the people who love them.

How Was the (Sorta) Jam Show?: Larry Mizell wants to know.

Breakin' the Law, Breakin' the Law: Christopher Frizzelle listened to his iPod during take-off even when the flight attendant told him not to.

Jeff Kirby Hates CDs: So he reviews the new Honey Hush 7".

Goodbye Ghostface?: Is the Killah gonna quit if you don't buy his record?

Tonight in Music: Three Inches of Blood, Blood on the Walls, and the Black Lips.

Chic is Real People: People who dropped LSD with Timothy Leary, were hippies and/or members of the Black Panthers, and loved punk music.

Fantastic Four: Got to have your love.

Hot Hot Heat: The band Jeff Kirby once loved.

Today's Music News: Larry King raps with Snoop and the Mountain Goats write a song for Super Tuesday.


Taken by Static Invasion.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 31 at 2:50 PM

The Finches: Perfect for a cold, cloudy day.

Dance Dance Revolution: Oh, how the hours pass when you watch anonymous women dance to their favorite songs.

Where Does the Spit Go: Sax player Skerik answers that and other important questions.

Pictures: Great shots from Tuesday's Liars/No Age show.

Kimya Dawson Continues to Be Hot Shit: Juno makes it to #1 on the Billboard charts and David Schmader interviews the woman responsible for the soundtrack's greatness.

Some Things Just Stick in your Mind: Terry Miller on the new collection of rarities from Vashti Bunyan.

Today's Music News: Britney's not the only one in the hospital, the New Kids on the Block release a new song, and Bill Cosby's gonna release a rap record.

The Russians are Coming: Jeff Kirby's stoked for their show at the Sunset tonight.

Field Manual: A review of the new Chris Walla record.

Shuffle Torture: David Schmader's iPod plays for him the worst song ever made. (It's sorta his fault for having such a tragic tune on his MP3 player, though.)

You're Not Alone, Sam: I, too, find this commercial ridiculously entertaining.

You Don't Care: But Avril's coming to town.

In Booker News: Greg Garcia officially announces his move from the High Dive to the Tractor.

This is Your Brain on Nyquil: Sandy Bull's "Carmina Burana Fantasy." It's done with a banjo, people. It's awesome.

Oh Man!: They play music full of magic spells, even if no one's around to hear it.

Contextualize: Eric Grandy's review of the Past Lives/No Age/Liars show.

liarslive.jpgLiars Photo by Morgan Keuler

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Want to Win Free Tickets to the Upcoming Pinback Show at Showbox at the Market?

posted by on January 30 at 4:03 PM

Yes, you do. Pinback are fantastic. And the show's on February 14th, so it'd make a good Valentine's Day date.

Go over to Line Out to find out how to win.

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 30 at 3:19 PM

Today's Music News: Kanye announces new tour, the Beatles are invited to Israel, and Forbes finds out which women are making bank.

Soul Nite is Back: NWFF to show classic footage of Ike & Tina, Curtis Mayfield, and Sly and the Family Stone. In other already known news, Tina Turner has amazing legs.

Numba One: Seattle, meet Super Greg.

Boys Noize: Coming to Seattle to blow the lid off this new rave clusterfuck.

The Best Use of Fossil Fuels: According to a man on the bus.

Stringing and Surfing and Breakdancing: By Kay Kay and the Weather Underground's Phil Peterson.

Tonight in Music: The Decemberists and Nada Surf.

RIP: Gruntruck singer, Ben McMillan, died Monday.

LiveFastDie: Drinking, thrashing, trying to stay alive tonight at the Funhouse.

The Debate Continues: What's proto? What's not?

Connect the dots... la la la.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 29 at 4:07 PM

One Shot: The new Mountain Goat's video and other single shot video treasures.

SXSW Breakfast Taco: Full of gooey Zooey Deschanel.

New Gnarls Barkley: Sounds like the Go! Team.

Tonight in Music: Liars and No Age at Showbox at the Market.

Today's Music News: Emo lives, Britney cries, free music dies, and Gwen gets pregnant again.

Orgone Doner: TJ Gorton says Orgone has a lot more to offer.

LL Cool J Says: Don't call it what it is.

PWRFL Power's Tour Diary: Kaz eats McDonald's and almost gets married.

Good Impressions: Josh Feit on the wonders of Curtis Mayfield's pop group.

Gallows Are Not Assholes: (I don't think) and they killed it at last night's show.

My Saviours: Jeff Kirby on the best metal record to come out in the last year.

Proto-What?: Trent Moorman asks for the definition of proto-grunge.


Monday, January 28, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

posted by on January 28 at 3:14 PM

RIP the Holy Land: A house party house bites the dust.

Work the Problem, Not the Person: Dr. Phil will talk to the Ying Yang Twins about saggin' pants on today's show.

That's My People: Charles Mudede says the fall of hiphop began when LL Cool J said he needs love.

Slats Was There: Eric Grandy goes to King Cobra's soft opening.

Glue Girls: A new song from the band with the longest name in the world, Someone Still Loves you Boris Yeltsin.

Mullets and Dick Ties: And backdropped and scratched beats.

Chic-Chica-Chic: TJ Gorton on Biddu Orchestra.

Music News: David Yow is hospitalized, Led Zepplin reunion tour might be materializing, and more.

Tonight in Music: Gallows and Cancer Bats at Chop Suey.


Friday, January 25, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 25 at 3:45 PM

Shooting the Shit: With members of the Spits.

Tonight in Music: Clinton Fearon, Shift's Rottun Recordings Night, and the Seattle Symphony. And most importantly, KITT from Knight Rider!

When Will Hiphop End?: Charles Mudede wonders...

Kimya Dawson is a Saint: And other reasons why Ari Spool loves her.

New Pharmacy Video: For the band's new song "Little Toys on the Shelf."

Isolation: Hear "Running With the Devil" with only David Lee Roth's vocals.

I am an Island: Journey build their own island. Their own virtual island.

Trans is a Mind Fuck: And other observations about Neil Young's 1982 album.

What the Hell Are You Talking About?: Trent Moorman grills the Wild Orchid Children about their new record and... goat hooves?

Currently Streaming: Fleet Foxes are featured on Pitchfork's Forkcast, and Mars Volta have posted their new record in it's entirety.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 23 at 3:42 PM

God of the Sea: The Duke Spirit will release Neptune Feb 4.

Hey There: I don't know why you'd want to, but meet the real life Delilah.

More Italo Disco: Terry Miller on Jane & Barton.

Win Free Tickets: The Showbox gives away tickets to next week's Liars show.

Today in Local Hiphop: Brought to you by Larry and Charles.

Illegal Leak of the Week: The new Mountain Goats, Heretic Pride.

Lick My What?: An 8th grader reviews Captain Beefheart.

Different Strokes: Nate Dogg is recovering from a mild stroke.

Sunday Bloody Sunset: Kwab Copeland returns to the Sunset with a new Sunday afternoon showcase.

Skeletons With Flesh on Them: Their new record uses Jeff Kirby's favorite aspects of jangly '90s indie pop rock.

Parents Just Don't Understand: Eric Grandy's mom cut up his Gas Huffer t-shirt and threw it in the trash.

Presidents of the USA Announce Seattle Show: With USE!

The Debate Continues: Will King Cobra survive? Should we even be asking that question?

And now, a smoking wallaby:


(Thanks, Robby.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 22 at 3:34 PM

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction: Trent Moorman's real vs fake band name game. Oh, and something about smoking crack.

Eric Grandy Asks a Valid Question Regarding the Future of a New Club: And everyone gets all snippy.

Cheering for the Underdog: TJ Gorton on LTG Exchange.

Valerie Dore: Terry Miller examines the project, not the woman.

PWRFL Power Tour Diary: Kaz's crazy trip continues with stories about esurance, French toast, and a black beret hat.

Comback Kid: David Schmader examines why Kimya Dawson is (deservedly and suddenly) hot shit.

Tonight in Music: Whiting Tennis at the Rendezvous.

Coming to Seattle: Ellen Allien and Sascha Funke.

Matador Signs Another Pretty Girls Spin-Off: Cave Singers were first, now it's Jaguar Love's turn.

The Password is What? Exactly!: The best moment in Purple Rain.

Jenny Bendel to Book King Cobra: Just in case you haven't already heard.

Coachella Announces Their Line-Up: And it's sorta boring.

And from Kimya Dawson's appearance on The View:


Monday, January 21, 2008

This Weekend (and Today) on Line Out

posted by on January 21 at 3:00 PM

Bukowski: More inspirational to musicians than most other musicians.

Corey Haim: High on pills and Japanese funk.

Sleepy Eyes of Death: Two reviews of one show; #1, and #2.

Invasion: A pretty, pretty spaceship lands at Showbox SODO.

Joanna Newsom: Jeff Kirby finds live footage worth watching.

Tonight: Throw Me the Statue and a secret guest perform at Chop Suey.

The Future of Music: Mary J. Blige says it's in the hands of Amy Winehouse?

Today is Slow for Music News: But a few things have happened since last week.

Seattle Dubstep: Shift makes it real.

Tour Diary: PWRFL Power writes from the road.

Jesse Sykes and Phil Wandscher: Their show on Friday sounded great, but Trent Moorman wants to know what's up with all the chatting during the show.

Pop Trivia: Seattle crowns new pop culture trivia kings (and a queen).


Taken at the Baranoff by Stranger Flickr Pool contributor kurt schlosser.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 15 at 3:20 PM

New Jamie Lidell Video: It's more gooey and loose.

Cameo: Cut Chemist teaches Chemistry in Juno.

X is Coming: Original line-up, even.

Songs for Snowy Days: "Informer" (which isn't good) and "Hit the Snow" (which is).

Today in Music News: Rockstars on steroids, Coachella crosses the country, and some other stuff too.

Branded: Trent Moorman talks to Brent Amaker (of Brent Amaker and the Rodeo) about his burning buns.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: And peppers, and apples, and watermelon, and peas in Jape's video for the song "Floating."

Castanets Continue to Fascinate: At Jules Maes tonight.

Not Nice, Baby: Vanilla Ice goes crazy on MTV.

It's Official: Music critics love LCD Soundsystem.

Guns 'n' Roses: Done with banjos?


Friday, January 11, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 11 at 3:40 PM

Hell of a Flow Chart: A post about Vampire Weekend turns into a post about W.A.S.P.'s "I Wanna Be Somebody." Bzzzzz.

Poll: Fucked Up vs. Swallowing Shit. Which Canadian hardcore band is tougher?

Breaking News!: MTV discovers that Brooklyn has a music scene!

Yum?: Chop Suey starts serving food. Again.

Cash Rules Everything: Million Dollar Orchestra brings Better Days to 2008.

#1 Fan: What Lulu loves about the hiphop scene.

This Week's Setlist: Pleasureboaters, Siberian, the Translucents, Throw Me the Statue, and many more.

Vampire Weekend: Molly Hamilton loves them in an I’ve-only-heard-four-songs way.

Cancer Rising Cagematch: CR's Gatsby calls Larry Mizell an assclown.

Tonight in Music: This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Lupe Fiasco, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Guns 'n' Rosetti, and, of course, Egyptian Lover.

Lemmy's in Town: And he brought his rockabilly band (featuring dudes from the Stray Cats) with him.

When House Meets Disco: They make a funky worm!

Super Bowl Dream Duet: Tom Petty and Paula Abdul. It could happen.

In Music News: Speaking of dream collaborations... an MP3 player and taser join forces; Zooey Deschanel works with M. Ward; and Outkast's Big Boi works with Atlanta's ballet? Yes.

Party in the Back: What does your Alter-Mullet-Ego look like?

Color Blind: Jonathan Zwickel apologizes to non-black and non-white people everywhere.

My Dream Post: Minor Threat and an angry German kid together at last.

Lost in a Rockstar Moment: Eric Grandy reviews last night's Joshua Roman and Co. vs. Radiohead performance.

Fucking H.O.T.: The Fascination Movement sign with Aube Records.

Fucked Up: I say the 21+ scene is fucked up, Eric Grandy posts a video response as a joke, and the world explodes.

American Gangster: Will it earn Jay-Z an Oscar? David Schmader thinks it should.

Throbbing Gristle: R U THROBBING YET?

RIP: Dave Day of the Monks died yesterday morning.

Hardcore MCs: Jonah Spangenthal-Lee says their day ain't over.

And I thank Science (Jonathan Golob) so much for discovering this (horrific but admittedly enjoyable) site:!


Monday, January 7, 2008

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on January 7 at 3:26 PM

Phantom Limbs: The Shins' Marty Crandall and his ex-girlfriend were arrested over the weekend for domestic violence.

Spotless Mind: Trent Moorman asks science if he can clean his brain.

New Blakes Video: For the song "Don't Bother Me."

An Open Letter to Alice in Chains: You're a fraud!

New Xiu Xiu Video: Xiu Xiu says "I Do What I Want When I Want."

Crystal Castles: Announces tour, release date for new album.

#1 Fan: A ninja crashes the Lashes show.

Tonight in Music: Welcome to the Cinema and Throw Me the Statue.

Flickr Photo of the Day: Yoko Ringo on New Year's Eve.

Q: Is Anyone As Good As Nirvana?: A: Who gives a shit? (Also, Jeff Kirby says that Soundgarden's better.)

Today in Music News: Sub Pop issues statement regarding Shins' arrest and Daft Punk partners up with Playboy.

A Find from 1975: TJ Gorton on "Undecided Love."

In Search of Amelia Earheart: Plainsong sings about what supposedly happened to the missing pilot.

Baby red pandas (courtesy of

Thursday, December 27, 2007

In the Last 24 Hours (or more) on Line Out

posted by on December 27 at 3:54 PM

Cartoon Kaz: PWRFL Power gets the esurance treatment.

Year End Lists: Jonathan Zwickel hates 'em, so he made a mixtape instead.

Best Jukebox in Seattle: Jeff Kirby wonders if Wong's Kitchen has it.

New Hot Chips: Eric Grandy says their new record will be another grower.

Love Town: TJ Gorton tells you how to get there.

Woozy Space Jazz: Jonathan Zwickel has a crush on the Heliocentrics.

Third Time's a Charm: The Decemberists plan to play Seattle in January.

Disco's Brightest Minds: TJ Gorton talks El Coco.

Tonight in Music: I Declare War and Club Pop with the Pharmacy and Holy Ghost Revival (holy shit, that'll be fun).

Bye Bye 2007: Light in the Attic artists look at lessons learned this year.

Hello Rye Rye: M.I.A.'s protégé is not a gangsta girl.

Flickr (Music) Photo of the Day: Get close to the Triggers.

The Comet Was Sold: Now meet the banker who bought it.

Migrating: More Crocodile shows find new homes.

This Week's Soundcheck: CD's suck and the reasons why.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?: The listings, the song.


Thursday, December 20, 2007

In the Last 24 Hours on Line Out

posted by on December 20 at 3:56 PM

The Same Question He Asks Everyone: Christopher Frizzelle and a bartender talk about the presidential race.

Freak Out, Far Out: If Dan Paulus had his way, the Moondoggies would sound and look like this.

Season of Giving: Chop Suey will host a benefit show for the Crocodile's former employees featuring the Pleasureboaters, Peter Parker, Triumph of Lethargy, Damien Jurado, and more.

Love is the Message: TJ Gorton on NY deejay Danny Krivit.

And What "Love is the Message Inspired": Nick Scholl takes you to vogue school.

Music News: Featuring the Eagles, James Brown, Lou Reed, Stephen Stills, and uh... Kenny G.

Without the Help of Google: Can you guess the mystery singer?

Flickr Photo of the Day: R.I.P. the Crocodile's pretty stained glass windows.

Jeff Kirby Partied With Kid Sister: But he had no idea who the friend of Kanye's was at the time.

The Program, Mix 3: Charles Mudede and Brian Geoghagan's final installment of sounds from the Program.

Remy Ma: Someone's trying to "undermine her name and character" via YouTube.

Kanye Opens His Mouth: And makes very little sense.

Silly Rabbit: Declined hiphop slogans.

Last Minute Gift Idea: A mixed tape USB and paper boom box.

This turtle is ready for Christmas!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on December 19 at 3:47 PM

Musical Advent, Day 19: It returns! With the Beatles!

Brrrrrrrr!: DJ Spooky chills out.

First They Save Music and Now They Save the World: Radiohead aims to make their tours as earth-friendly as possible.

Last Night: Sam Machkovech reviews last night's Queens of the Stone Age show and disagrees with me about Jaguar Love.

Howling: Jonathan Zwickel just can't get enough of the Moondoggies.

Music News: Lily Allen's pregnant too, Josh Groban beats High School Musical 2, the Pogues don't get censored after all, and more!

Rufus Does Judy: Live at Carnegie Hall.

It's a Pretty Great Article: David Byrne on the future of music.

The Comet: Sold.

The Program, Night One: In words by Paul Constant, in photos by Morgan Kueler, and from the couch, by Larry Mizell Jr.

Himsa and Kelly Clarkson Would Make Funny Commercials Together: And they both love Vitamin Water!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on December 14 at 4:00 PM

Strangercrombie Music Items of the Day: Queens of the Stone Age tickets, an album review, the Vera Project/Barsuk gift pack, and more!

Tonight in Music: USE, the Cops, Guards of Metropolis, Strong Killings, and Broken Disco.

Ari Spool Loves Sparks: Not the alcoholic drink, the band with the crazy pants and crazier mustache.

Best Joni Mitchell Song Ever: Ron Rosenbaum says it's “Amelia.”

This Week's Setlist: Hiphop takes over and Ari and I play artists from The Program.

Fuck That Sick Fucker: Michael Jackson scores Vegas residency, Trent Moorman goes off on Michael Jackson.

Bullshit List: Jeff Kirby dissects Rolling Stone's Best Of 2007 list.

Music News: More labels downsize, the Police make a lot of money, and Tori Amos gets really mad at her fans.

Happy Weekend: TJ Gorton gifts you with a Gino Soccio song for your Friday.

Innersounds Star: Line Out contributor Terry Miller gets interviewed about his music blog.

Ike Turner: Still dead, but being remembered in next week's paper.

Whoops: The Knight Riders party featured in this week's Bug in the Bassbin gets moved to next month.


(Thanks to both Bethany and David for sending me the link for this adorable little guy.)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on December 12 at 3:15 PM

Ike Turner: Dead at 76.

Strangercrombie Music Item of the Day: Book a Sunday at the High Dive.

Tonight in Music: Little Party and the Bad Business at Vera and Christmas in Havana at Havana.

Stairway to Something: Trent Moorman gives you the Zeppelin update you've been waiting for.

Today in Music News: RIAA goes crazy (surprise), Eddie Vedder does another soundtrack, Green Day gets a side-project, and more.

Video: PWRFL Power performs live in The Stranger offices.

Obama in Pictures: Shots from the Stranger Flickr Pool from last night's Generation Obama event.

Sigur Rós Comes to Seattle: Sorta. Their documentary comes to Seattle.

It's Not About the Music: Eric Grandy goes to last night's Obama event and finds a story where a story doesn't exist.

"Last Christmas": All about the time when Wham! saved my life.

New Mars Volta Video: The band does what they feel like (and they feel like never coming to Seattle ever again thanks to an anonymous pee-tosser).

Blake Lewis' Homecoming Show: At the Showbox, Thursday Dec 20.


(By flckrd1.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on December 10 at 3:38 PM

Disgruntled: A fan takes the mic after Sly Stone leaves the stage mid-show in NY this weekend.

Why Do Metal Videos Always Suck?: Jeff Kirby wants to know.

Strangercrombie Music Item of the Day: Be the King of Clubs!

Tonight in Music: A Wilhelm Scream, more than a famous sound effect.

The NY Philharmonic: Going to North Korea.

This Week's Setlist: Doesn't star a dancing pickle with a mustache, it stars PWRFL Power!

Music Advent Calendar Plays Catch-Up: With the Chipmunks, Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Grinch.

Lil' Brudder: The Strongbad legend.

Master P: A video that's probably NSFW.

Today in Music News: Single mom gets fined for downloading music, Catpower goes to Africa, and more.

New Portishead: The MP3s get posted online.

Jake One: Check 'em out on Crossfader, check 'em out at the Program.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Today on Line Out

posted by on December 5 at 3:56 PM

Advent Calendar Day Five: The Leevee's wonder how to spell Hanukkah.

Rock and Roll Strangercrombie Item of the Day: Hang out at a show with famous photographer Charles Peterson!

Stupid and Fun: U.S.E. play a free show tonight. And Eric Grandy likes them and he still hates Van Halen.

Circle Jerks: Seattle kids prove they still can't do a good circle pit.

Learning to Love It: Grandy likes the Hot Chip single after all.

Meow: A kitty cat mosh pit.

Sound Check: Trent Moorman interviews Kay Kay guitarist Kirk Huffman about performing on late-night TV.

RIP: Chet Baker and Sam Cooke.

"It's Sentimental Tacky Crap.": A Seattle record store clerk is nice to a woman hoping to buy the new Hannah Montana.

Today in Music News: Radiohead downloading stops Dec 10, Blue Eyes gets a postage stamp, and more.

Proper Otters Laugh?: Botch gets the misheard lyric treatment on YouTube.

Last Night: Christopher Frizzelle misses Math & Physics Club's set.

Stunning Stuff: Charles Mudede on Can-U.

Fuck You: Says Morrissey to NME.

With Open Arms: Journey welcomes a new lead singer.

Pretty as a Picture: Photos from last night's Tegan and Sara show.

The Belmont: Last weekend's party is captured on video.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on November 28 at 3:07 PM

Let's start with this, which Jonathan Zwickel posted on Line Out not even an hour ago:



Smoking is Stupid Anyway: NYT's calls bullshit on the Camel's new marketing campaign.

Tonight in Music: Robyn Hitchcock and Harvey Danger.

Ladies, Cheer Up: Dolly Parton and Amy Sedaris are here for you.

Disco: Terry Miller on the Numero Group.

Today's Music News: Mos signs, Mr. Jones dies, and Band of Horses continue to take over.

Obama Rocks?: Presidential candidate seeks local band for "Generation Obama" party.

Support for DV-One: Friends and fans sign letter of support after last month's conviction.

Snoop Dogg in Sensual Seduction: I have no idea what to say about this.

Fictional Bands: Most of 'em suck. But some of them are good.

Smooth Operator: Dudes! Get paid to drink and listen to Sade!

Doin' That Thing You Do: The Oneders! I mean, the Wonders!

Last Night: Eric Grandy reviews Tuesday's show at Pony with the Pharmacy, Team Gina, Talbot Tagora. Also, tonight is Pony's last night.

And finally, meet Baby Flamingo. Look at those feet!


Attention Amy Sedaris Lovers

posted by on November 28 at 11:02 AM


Have you always dreamed of watching the woman who created Jerri Blank join forces with the woman who created "Jolene" to give American women a country-pop-flavored self-esteem enema?

Today's your lucky day on Line Out.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on November 26 at 3:12 PM

I Love New York: Musicians fight over playing illustrator David Shrigley's songs, then play shows in New York and London.

Pop Goes the Barenaked Ladies: The Canadian band joins forces with the Boston Pop Orchestra for a Christmas special. David Schmader is not amused.

RIP: Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot, and Casey Calvert of Hawthorne Heights, were both found dead over the weekend.

In Music News: A Jackson 5 reunion? Pete Doherty is clean? France takes away downloader's internet access for life?

Tonight in Music: The Aquabats and the Can't See.

The Bombs Bursting in Air: Vince Neil will sing the National Anthem tonight before ESPN's Monday Night Football game.

Love Mixtapes?: Love Molly Hamilton's new favorite website of old cassettes.


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on November 20 at 3:25 PM

Why Kurt Killed Himself: Sam Machkovech's tired of rock writers who think they know.

David Schmader Loves Aretha: And you can too.

Of Montreal's T-Mobile Commercial: In case you missed it.

Vera Wins MySpace's Impact Award (You Know, Probably)
: It will be officially announced Monday.

Springsteen's Comin' to Town: March 29 at the KeyArena.

Today in Music News: Universal pulls the plug on NIN remix website, Neil Young Diamond was inspired by a Kennedy, and more.

Tour Diary: Arthur & Yu check in from Baltimore.

Loose Joints: New disco night at Moe debuts tonight.

No Hits, Just Beat Box: Blake Lewis should reinvent a genre besides 2080.

Tonight in Music: Band of Horses and Taj Mahal (again) and In the Round with Robb Benson.

Cello, How Are You?: A freelance cellist records all-cello Jawbox tribute album.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today in Line Out

posted by on November 15 at 3:00 PM

Live Girl Talk Bootleg: From his Seattle show in January.

"Italian Spiderman": Complete with a back story and some wicked drumming.

Tonight in Music: The Velvet Teen and the A-Sides.

U2 Gets Disco'd: "New Year's Day" meets "Two Hearts Beat as One."

Bizarre Love Triangle: Who did it better? New Order or Frente?

I'm a Creep: Star from The Office sings Radiohead.

Listen Three Times to Believe It: Fleet Foxes post new material.

Paris is Burning Tonight: And the after-party will be too.

Speaking of the Fleet Foxes: Robin Pecknold covers Boat.

This guy makes my eyes want to explode in a very good way:


(Thank you, Bethany, for the link!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Today in Line Out

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South Park's Still Funny: Guitar Hero is where it's at, real guitars are for old, gay people.

XOXO: TJ Gorton on Love & Kisses' "I've Found Love (Now That I've Found You)."

Wu-Tang Return to Seattle: They're playing Showbox SODO Dec 30th.

Cover Me: Boat's "Month of Covers" comes to an end.

Today in Music News: Thom turns down Paul, Boy George captures a model, and more, more, more.

Vote for Vera: Seattle's all-ages venue is in the running to win a MySpace Impact Award and $10,000.

Caught on Video: Poster Giant's caught tearing down legit show posters. Bad move.

Tonight in Music: Celebration and Kill Me Tomorrow.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Today in Line Out

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Tonight in Music: Black Dice, JJ Grey and Mofro, Broken Disco, and more.

Floor Punching and Head Stomping: Jonathan Zwickel's favorite hardcore dance moves.

Sound Off!: Entries are due next week.

I Hate Loverboy: And Left Coast hates me.

American Genius: Paul Constant's Jay-Z inspired e-mail debate.

Say Cheese: Ari Spool's photos of PWRFL Power and Mr. Divisadero.

Today in Music News: Prince continues his hissy fit, Sufjan Stevens gets ready for Xmas, Amy Winehouse's husband gets arrested, and more.

Another One Bites the Dust: Kim Hayden says goodbye to another Country music legend.

Rock School: Bjork goes back to kindegarten.

And Another One Down: Music downloading sites are dying as often as contry music legends.

Johnny Thunders Where Are You?: Help Terry Miller see the Skyline.

Rock City: Donte links back to Detroit.

Cutting Edge: Tori Amos goes back to her roots and brings the knife with her.

Bilbys in a hat!


Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today in Line Out

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Music Loses to Moguls: Chris Rock and Jonathan Zwickel on music becoming business first, art second.

Speaking of Business: Sub Pop's digital store is open and ready for yours.

A Poll: Vote on which album title you think is more offensive than Nas' Nigger. (Currently, Limp Bizkit is in the lead.)

Keep Smiling...: Terry Miller on the Danish duo Laid Back.

Tonight in Music: Feist and Dengue Fever.

RIP: Ruff Gemz is laid to rest tonight at the Baltic Room.

Music News: Britney gets booted from number one, Michael Jackson might be losing Neverland, Pete Dougherty relapses on YouTube, and more, more, more.

Confirmed: My Bloody Valentine are reuniting.

"Alec Eiffel" by the Pixies: It's a really good song.

More For Tonight: Donte Parks recommends Konkrete Jungle and Bonkers.

Also, how fucking cute are tree kangaroos??


Monday, November 5, 2007

Today in Line Out

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Waaah!: I missed the Hold Steady Show.

Battles @ Neumo's: Jonathan Zwickel's review and video from the show.

A Good-Ass Time: Little Brother wreck Chop Suey.

Tour Diary: Arthur & Yu write from the road.

Head Case: Trent Moorman's love for Rock Hard Cases.

Burial: Charles Mudede's final statement on the only musician he can ever talk about anymore.

Tonight in Music: The Intelligence, the Octopus Project, Ben Lee, and others.

PaRappa the Rapper: PSP releases Terry Miller's favorite decade-old Playstation game.

Last Night at the Comet: Eric Grandy reviews the Clipd Beats/Partman Parthorse/Casy & Brian show.

Hot Water Music: New album and shows announced for the new year.


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Today in Line Out

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Tonight in Music: The Hives, the Pipettes, Sunday Night Blackout, and more.

Radiohead's New Label: The band announces their deal with XL.

Microphones: Rock and roll's notorious germ spreader.

My Favorite Christmas Song: Even though it's hardly the holiday season.

In XTC: David Schmader unearths an old gem.

The Pastels: Terry Miller looks at the then and now of the band.

The Boss Gets Fired: Clear Channel says "no thanks" to Springsteen's Magic.

Oh November: The many songs about this magic month.

Don Ray: One of disco's greatest music innovators.

Black Lips on the Big Screen: The band will star in the upcoming feature film Let It Be.

And this has nothing to do with anything at all.


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today in Line Out

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Yo Quiero Yo La Tengo: Christopher Frizzelle reviews last night's Yo La Tengo show.

Tonight in Music: Parts & Labor, David Kilgour, and Do Make Say Think.

Jump!: Redefining air guitar.

Life's Soundtrack: Charles Mudede on Burial's cinematic magic.

He'll Bring the Bird: Win a Thanksgiving Dinner with Ozzy Osbourne.

Happy Halloween!: From Mike Hadreas.