An anonymous rant against a Seattle club whose staff is allegedly literally worse than Nazis, from this week's I, Anonymous:

I decided against my better judgment to accompany my girlfriend to a show at your venue. I have seen and heard awful things about your venue countless times, but she really wanted to go, and after what I've seen there in the past, I couldn't let her go alone. Thanks to your very own staff, however, I no longer need to worry about that. While outside on a smoke break, myself, my girlfriend, several friends, and countless others witnessed the girl you had working the door scream a barrage of the most racist and homophobic slander I have ever heard spew from any individual's mouth, and I used to have friends that were Nazis! Now, I don't know what her deal was with the people she was screaming at, nor do I care. Being that I have several friends who are members of the gay community, I was, how do you say, FUCKING DISGUSTED by what the bitch was saying. If I wasn't so dead set against men hitting women, I would've knocked her out myself....

Read the whole thing here.