To commemorate the recent passing of disco legend Donna Summer, the Northwest Forum is presenting two screenings of Summer's one and only feature film performance: Thank God It's Friday, which features Summer as a fledgling disco singer, Jeff Goldblum as a sleazy club owner, and Debra Winger and Berlin's Terri Nunn as teenagers. It is a hilariously terrible movie, featuring a barely connected series of skits notable for their extreme hoariness. You can practically hear the sweaty, balding, cigar-chomping producer shouting, "We gotta get in on this disco thing! You, screenwriters—get me the oldest jokes you can find! And get me that horny disco chick! I'll take it from there!" (For a taste of TGIF's particular brand of comedy, read the Wikipedia cast summary.)

Trailer below, film screens at NWFF Saturday and Sunday night at 10 pm.