Workers at posterGIANT—the guerrilla advertising group that everyone loves to hate—are frantically working to strip promotional material in Pioneer Square after enraging artists by postering over walls of public art over the weekend.

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"This was a huge, horrible and regrettable mistake made by someone who didn't understand what they were supposed to be doing and it will not be repeated," said company spokeswoman Barbara Mitchell in an email. "We're in the process of cleaning the building and getting whatever supplies that Jeff Jacobson needs to restore the mural to him ASAP."

The abandoned building on Second Avenue and Main Street is unremarkable but for one reason: its broad array of traffic-stopping public murals. That is, until yesterday, when word spread that the art had been covered up by wallpapered walls of the same poster, a heavy-handed publicity tactic commonly associated with posterGIANT.

Seattle artists understandably flipped their shit (mostly via social media sites), and began organizing a boycott of businesses that used posterGIANT's services. "They vandalized every single mural: it appears to be a total loss," writes artist and arts promoter Scratchmaster Joe, who led calls for a boycott. "If I had to guess, I'd say that the murals they vandalized probably took several weeks and perhaps thousands of dollars in paint."

posterGIANT's full apology statement after the jump.

We deeply regret that the murals were damaged – this was a mistake and not a company directive. We are in the process of removing the posters and have already been in touch with the artist who installed the mural so that we can return the artwork to its original condition. It is our policy not to cover over other people's art – we support the local arts community, work with the local arts community, are a part of the local arts community and frequently hire members of the local arts community as part of our business and creative endeavors. We are making this right as fast as we possibly can and we assure you this will never happen again.

No word on if artists are mollified by the gesture, or if the boycott is still being organized in light of posterGIANT's apology.