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Why Are You Ignoring Art Galleries? Art Galleries Love You. Yes, You. No, Really.

Is it fear of the unknown? Intimidation? Boredom? As four fantastic art spaces close, I try to wrap my head around the emptiness of Seattle's great galleries.

Anatomy of a Tapestry

Cherdonna's New Show Is an Endurance Test (That I Failed)

Don't Tell Cherdonna Shinatra Who to Be

How to Make Art Against Rape

Tariqa Waters and the Art of Attitude

R.I.P. John Sisko, 1958-2016

Hogarth to the Rescue

The President of Cornish Is Going to Vegas

Roq La Rue Gallery Is Closing After 18 Years

The Start of Art at the Old Value Village

After the Storm: A Meditation on Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Seattle Art Fair and Out of Sight Rev Up for August

Why My Favorite Things Tours Are My Favorite Things

Harriet Tubman and Kehinde Wiley: Discuss

Petition to Place the Penis at Polishable Level

Young Blood at Frye Art Museum Expands the More You Look at It

I Haven't Seen an Art Show This Good in Seattle in a Long Time

Are George Rodriguez's Heads Alive?

Noah Davis Sees the Goddess on the Patio

We Miss You Already, Anne Gould Hauberg

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