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Giant Machines Are Chewing Up Hugo House Right Now

That Golden, Inspiring, Exhausting Summer Feeling

William Blake wrote poems about summer, Denise Levertov wrote poems about summer, but whenever I try to write in the summer, I fall asleep.

Watch Sherman Alexie on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah Last Night

Some Thoughts Around Why Postage Stamps Exist

Poetry on Buses Is Back: Now Available on Trains!

Yanis Varoufakis Provides the People’s History of the European Union in His New Book And the Weak Suffer What They Must?

The Former Finance Minister of Greece Says Europe Is Ruled by Banks

Sifting Through Hazardous Materials with International Comics Superstar Simon Hanselmann

He's a new Seattle resident. He's addicted to Red Bull. And his latest book, Megg & Mogg in Amsterdam, is full of weird sex, bong rips, depression, and goopy beauty.

Beverly Cleary Turns 100 Years Old Today

The Blazing World of Margaret the First

Danielle Dutton’s Ode to Female Literary Ambition

To Folio or Not To Folio? That Is the Question

The Future of APRIL

Single Women Are a Political Force to Be Reckoned With

Rebecca Traister on the GOP's Worst Nightmare

Jenny Zhang Likes to Get Uncomfortable

A Guide to the Best of APRIL Festival 2016

The Bad Joy of Donald Trump's Supporters

Open Books Is Looking for New Management

Don Mee Choi's New Book, Hardly War, Is Challenging but Powerful Political Poetry

Her Book of Poems Might Be Too Academic for Some Readers, but You Must Watch Her Perform It

The Best Readings and Talks in Seattle This Spring

Picks from Seattle Art and Performance

Ghosts of Seattle Past Creates Art Out of Seattle's Favorite Pastime: Talking About What Used to Be Here

Oh Yeah, and They're Throwing an Irish Wake for the City on Saint Patrick's Day
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