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What Do Plastic Bags Want to Tell Their Makers?

An Encomium (E-N-C-O-M-I-U-M) to Spelling Bees

The Last Place No One Can Get Mad at You for Loving Words

Imagery in Three Dimensions—You Are Not Dead Author Wendy Xu on Visual Artists Transforming Her Poems into Objects

“A Physicality That Poetry Can’t Access”

March into APRIL

A User's Guide to the 2015 Authors, Publishers, and Readers of Independent Literature Festival

If You Had a Problem with Ryan Boudinot's Piece about Writers

The Silent-Reading Party Is Tonight—Live Piano from 6 to 8 p.m.

I Was the MFA Student Who Made Ryan Boudinot Cry

A Response to the Insensitive, Shit-Stirring Rant That Made a Lot of People—Including Me—So Mad

Ann Pancake's West Virginia Is a Beautiful, Terrible Place

Me and My Daddy Listen to Bob Marley Is Full of Arson and Beauty

Fifty Terrible Lines from Fifty Shades of Grey

The Sculptor Is a Huge Comic About What It Means to Make Art

For Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics Is Just the Beginning

Kelly Link's Genius Swings from the Banal to the Fantastic

A Brief Dissection of the First Story in Her New Collection, Get in Trouble

Hey Look, Ma! The Silent-Reading Party Was on TV!

Watch Nancy Pearl and Me Talk About Books

Finally, a Novel About Bigfoot That Really Gets It Right

The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac Is Shame-Free Magical Realism

F. Scott Fitzgerald Lives On in Stewart O'Nan's Complex, Rewarding Novel West of Sunset

Noted Author Becomes Literary Protagonist

Old Dogs Need Love Too

Trisha Ready and Metaphors of the Ill Body

I Think I Think You Are Totally Wrong Is Totally Wrong

David Shields and Caleb Powell's "Quarrel" Takes Up All the Air in the Room

Maged Zaher's New Anthology, The Tahrir of Poems, Collects Seven Poets from the Arab Spring

Stranger Genius of Literature Calls Translation a Cigarette-Fueled "Act of Friendship"
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