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Monday, November 3, 2008

Youth Pastor Watch

posted by on November 3 at 13:20 PM


GideonSlusher1103.jpgA former assistant youth minister at the Rochester First Church of the Nazarene has been charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Gideon Slusher, 25, of Oakland Township was arraigned Wednesday at the 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills on two charges of third degree criminal sexual conduct and two charges of fourth degree criminal sexual conduct…. Police said that in February, when the girl was 15, Slusher sexually assaulted her in a youth group room at the church.

Police said Slusher started calling the girl from the Academy of Waterford, where he was an eighth-grade teacher, because his wife had become curious about all of the phone calls and texting between the two. He also set up an e-mail account, so he could write to the teen without his wife knowing, police said.

It was in late February that Slusher allegedly assaulted the teen in the youth group room.

According to this roundup of 2005 “e-tidings” from the First Church of the Nazarene, both Slusher and his wife are preachers’ kids.

Congratulations to Gideon Slusher and Sarah Crum who were married on May 14th at Rochester Church. Gideon is the son of Rev. Gary & Cheryl Slusher of Southwest Church and Sarah is the daughter of Rev. Larry and Ruth Crum of Rochester Church.

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I was forced to attend Nazarene church as a child. Those are some creepy fuckers.

Posted by Mike in Olympia | November 3, 2008 1:27 PM

"Gideon Slusher" has to be the best name for a sex offender I've ever seen.

Posted by punning linguist | November 3, 2008 1:34 PM

Bad couple of weeks for the Nazarene Church. I went to a Nazarene College, so I halfway expected to know these guys (I don't).

Posted by gillsans | November 3, 2008 1:49 PM

I've lived in Rochester MI. Reprazent!

Posted by bearseatbeats | November 3, 2008 1:55 PM

Creepy religionists. Yuch!

Posted by Vince | November 3, 2008 2:43 PM

wow, some people are so unfuckingbelievably fucked up

Posted by 4f...sake | November 3, 2008 4:20 PM

I knew him, and he is a great person, a man of God who sinned like we all do. Those without seen cast the first stone...Pray for Gideon and his family.

Posted by Ryan Miller | November 3, 2008 7:52 PM

I know him, and he is a great person, a man of God who fell into sin as we all do. Those without sin cast the first stone...Pray for Gideon and his family.

Posted by Ryan Miller | November 3, 2008 7:53 PM

you are all insane. if you knew the situation you would withdraw your comments. the 15 year old girl wanted this to happen as much and he did. yes he messed up but they are both at fault. she was like 3 weeks away from 16. that church is going through hard times because of this. let me tell you that this situation doesnt and shouldnt represent the church.

Posted by Kyle | November 4, 2008 3:05 PM

First of all, she is underage, in a youth group (hence not an adult), I don't care if she had problems or not, or if she wanted this relationship or not, HE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE THERE FOR GUIDENCE. Second, he is a MARRIED MAN, SUPPOSEDLY OF THE CHURCH TOO, he shouldn't be tempted or TAKE ADVANTAGE OF HIS STUDENTS. When my child was 15, etc., just because they wanted something, (beer, sex, kids) that is no excuse for any of you to say, well they wanted it, it is okay, they deserved it, then turn around and NOT BLAME THE ADULT...OR... MAKE EXCUSES FOR THE ADULT. Give me a break, I feel sorry for the victim, victims family, and wife of pervert. NOT THE PERV.

Posted by scum h8r | November 5, 2008 10:24 AM

To "Scum h8r",
I knew Gideon personally for the past 10 years. I havent been in touch with him very much as of late but i am completely surprised by this situation. I also know his wife sarah, he was obviously not thinking of her when he performed these actions. To say that "he shouldnt be tempted" is an ignorant comment. Do you think temptation is something that a person intends to bring on themselves?? Thats like saying "I'm 10 pounds overweight so i'm not going to let that donut tempt me." Its something out of your control. What is in your control, however, is removing yourself from the situation. When Gideon realized he had any improper thoughts towards the child he should have had the fortitude to stop helping with the youth and seek guidance from an elder in the church. Im not trying to defend his actions because he is obviously out of line. But his actions will be judged by our Creator, and anything we say is of no consequence on this earth. As a Christian, myself, my duty is to uplift and pray for the families involved and not to condemn. I'm not trying to attack you, but i kind of took offense to the word "pervert." As a man, thoughts come and go and Gideon made the HUGE mistake of entertaining those thoughts.
I would encourage you to seek a life of uplifting as opposed to damnation. We already have a God that has that area covered.
p.s. If youre interested in GOD's opinion on the matter read John 8:2-11.

Posted by Aaron Allen | November 5, 2008 3:34 PM

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