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Thursday, November 6, 2008

That’s A Load Off My Mind

posted by on November 6 at 13:44 PM

Screenshot of the day, part deux:


Sent in by Meagan: “I was worried about Joan Baez, weren’t you?”

In other top headlines: Joni Mitchell Wants a Sandwich; Harry Belafonte: Slightly Put Out; and Kris Kristofferson Feels Nothing But the Suffocating Truth of His Own Mortality.

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Still no word on Ian and Sylvia, though? how are The Kingston Trio holding up?

Posted by Fnarf | November 6, 2008 1:46 PM

And I just had ramen noodles for what will probably be dinner.

Posted by broke | November 6, 2008 1:47 PM

Slog Tipper Meagan Laughs Out Loud In Her Otherwise Silent Office

Posted by Meagan | November 6, 2008 1:49 PM

Is it me, or does item #5: "Commentary: How Obama Did It" smack vaguely of OJ Simpson?

Posted by Bub | November 6, 2008 1:53 PM

God you guys, she sang the protest song "We Shall Overcome" to a massive crowd at the Lincoln Memorial during King's 1963 March on Washington. What the fuck have you done to be happy? She ain't no nobody who shouldn't be happy. Her new bluegrass album is the shit.

Posted by beth | November 6, 2008 1:57 PM

@4. Yes, it's just you.

That Oregon senate seat victory is news. This guy Merkel beat well like GOPsters moderate Gordon Smith. I was in OR recently and many urban hipsters who were voting for Obama were saying they would vote for Smith because "he's different" he's not like the other Republicans," etc. etc.

Thankfully those views didn't prevail.

Too bad we couldn't knock out Reichert, though here in Washingotn we did achieve having two Democratic Senators already.

Posted by PC | November 6, 2008 2:00 PM

@5: i respect her. i just can't listen to an entire song by her. she nearly ruins Don't Look Back with her incessant warbling. i'm glad she's happy (presumably about Obama's election). as long as she does not sing.

Posted by max solomon | November 6, 2008 2:01 PM

Ask not who the fuck cares. Ask why the media wants us to believe Joan Baez is happy.

Posted by Superfrankenstein | November 6, 2008 2:10 PM

That just made me recall an old SNL skit, "Make Joan Baez Laugh". I think it was from the early Hartman/Carvey/Lovitz days. Nora Dunn was Baez, natch.

Posted by laterite | November 6, 2008 2:23 PM

...aaand here it is.

Posted by laterite | November 6, 2008 2:32 PM

Laterite, that was the first thing I thought of, too. Lovitz=Greatness. Plus,he punched Andy Dick.

Posted by P to the J | November 6, 2008 2:44 PM

I think Mama Cass also wants a sandwich.

Posted by What, too soon? | November 6, 2008 2:48 PM

If you noticed, that link is under the "Most viewed" stories on CNN. So apparently a lot of people (besides CNN web producers) care a great deal about our beloved Joanie.

Posted by rjh | November 6, 2008 3:01 PM

You know, this was like the very last thing I'd be concerned about, and my family used to perform at folk music festivals ...

I'm more concerned about, like the WaPo's Amy says, whether Scarlet Johannsen is attending the inaugural balls and when's new song is finally going to be up on the web ...

Posted by Will in Seattle | November 6, 2008 4:01 PM

Oh, my God, Will -- you're Tobias Fünke, aren't you? That explains so much.

Posted by Fnarf | November 6, 2008 5:03 PM

This just in: Buffy St. Marie angry that US still has never elected a Native American President.

Posted by Cookie W. Monster | November 6, 2008 5:13 PM

Will is Tobias Funke! It's perfect. I will laugh at that all the way home.

Posted by kamonkey | November 6, 2008 5:44 PM

um, I'm sorry, I don't even know who you're talking about. You try growing up with a family that performs at Beers Folk Fest, Philly Folk Fest, NY Folk Fest, and about six others ... now, if it's blues singers you want to talk about, I could tell you some stories, but I really have no idea (other than Buffy St. Marie) who T.F. is.

Posted by Will in Seattle | November 7, 2008 1:22 AM

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