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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Richardson It Is

posted by on August 20 at 9:45 AM

At least according to you Slog readers, who on Monday and Tuesday spent four rounds of runoff voting narrowing down a big list of potential VP picks. You all believe, by a pretty strong margin, that Barack Obama should choose Bill Richardson as his running mate.

If you think that’s the dumbest choice in the world, well, take it up with your fellow citizens of the Slog.

But if you were among the masses pushing Richardson and want to explain yourself in the comments, I’d love to hear why he’s your man. Also: if you think the Richardson people are stupid as shit and want to tell the world who the nominee should really be, put that in the comments too—it’ll be date and time stamped and everything, so when Obama makes his announcement you’ll have proof that you were right all along.

[Originally posted late yesterday afternoon, but re-posted this morning because there’s still no official VP pick from Obama and while we wait, I’d really like to understand why the Slog mob thinks it should Richardson.]

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The poll was doomed at the start by using the "should" criterion.

Posted by Anon | August 19, 2008 5:41 PM

#1, why? It's a poll of who we think he should pick. What's the problem?

Posted by w7ngman | August 19, 2008 5:46 PM

Sam Nunn.

Posted by Jubilation T. Cornball | August 19, 2008 5:53 PM
Posted by John Bailo | August 19, 2008 6:08 PM

He will pick none of them.

Posted by Josh | August 19, 2008 6:23 PM

Boo. Wes Clark ftw.

Posted by obamatron | August 19, 2008 6:46 PM

Two words: Skirt problems.

Posted by ru shur | August 19, 2008 6:47 PM

Surprise? ...Gregoire. It saves her from losing to Rossi. And, yes, I realize she brings nothing to the ticket. But since everyone else is spouting off dumbass guesses...

Posted by you know | August 19, 2008 6:51 PM

Wow, @4. That seams appropriate.

Posted by Ziggity | August 19, 2008 7:06 PM

The Slog proves again that it doesn't understand politics, or the purpose of the VP.

*le sigh*

Posted by Original Monique | August 19, 2008 7:21 PM

I'd say Biden or Wesley Clark.

Of course, as stated, I'd prefer Bloomberg or Feingold.

Bah, but he'll go with someone safer. I get it.

Posted by Original Monique | August 19, 2008 7:26 PM

On a somewhat related note, Nedra Pickler of the AP has inserted her opinion of McCain's possible picks into this story (read carefully)....

"His top contenders are said to include Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Less traditional choices mentioned include former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, an abortion-rights supporter, and Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, the Democratic vice presidential prick in 2000 who now is an independent."
Posted by J. Whorfin | August 19, 2008 7:36 PM

Al Gore!

Posted by Bob | August 19, 2008 7:42 PM

Bill RIchardson? Please.

I still think he should choose Hillary for a multitude of reasons (not the least of which: I voted for her).

But I'd be happy with Joe Biden, Chris Dodd or Wes Clark.

Posted by Patrick | August 19, 2008 8:26 PM

It won't be Bill Richardson. Suck it, Slog voters!

I'll be back to wallow in shame or gloat.

Posted by Durrr, this is obvious | August 19, 2008 9:12 PM

@15 word! Though rarely whispered, those "who know" such things suggest Richardson has as much of a "woman" problem as Edwards or Clinton had/have; & if Obama has not woodshedded Richardson, this would have be yet another embarrassment. So I'm going with Biden and the heavy three electoral votes he'll bring to the 270 Club. Unless it's Colin Powell.

Posted by RHETT ORACLE | August 19, 2008 9:23 PM

@16 - 'would have been'

Posted by RHETT ORACLE | August 19, 2008 9:25 PM

We don't care who da fuk NO-Bama pick we won't support him and will re-defeat him in November!!! Go Hillary 2012!!!

Posted by clintonsarmy | August 19, 2008 9:39 PM

I wish it could be Richardson--but he's said that he doesn't want it. I have him pegged for Secretary of State, myself....

Posted by E. Dettmar | August 19, 2008 10:08 PM

Who will McCain pick? Will it be a mere billionaire or the youngest Republican governor with piercing blue contact lenses?

Posted by Amelia | August 19, 2008 10:13 PM

Sweet. Richardson was my first choice for Pres, before Obama.

Well, not counting Gore ...

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 20, 2008 1:42 AM

I like Richardson for a number of reasons, but let's be honest; mostly it's because he's mexican, like me!

Of course, his Foreign policy creds are great, as well as his executive and diplomatic experience. And despite his years in DC with Clinton, he's not a dreaded "Washington insider."

Posted by Mike in MO | August 20, 2008 5:45 AM

I like Richardson because his resume is better than anyone else's. I want him in the Executive branch so bad I can taste it. Biden is also awesome, and I'd be happy if he were the veep candidate, too. Richardson would be an awesome Sec. of State.

Posted by NaFun | August 20, 2008 9:19 AM

Richardson because the others are such obvious bad choices it makes him the least bad, except maybe Gore. But was Gore on the list?

Whoever it is will metamorphisize into a giant Lieberman anyway...

Posted by cracked | August 20, 2008 9:54 AM

For someone with a genuinely impressive resume, Richardson did come off as a bit of a dolt in the debates. If it's him, I hope he improves his game.

Posted by tsm | August 20, 2008 9:54 AM

i don't know who it will be, but i know it won't be richardson. or biden. or wes clark.

i could almost see him pulling hillary out of his sleeve at the last minute, but i really, really hope not. unless bill were bound and gagged and stuffed in cheney's man-sized safe for the next 4 years. then i'd be okay with hillary.

Posted by brandon | August 20, 2008 9:57 AM

boo. Richardson FTL.

podestaaAAAAAA ftw

Posted by teve | August 20, 2008 9:57 AM

We're a mob now? Fucking cool!

Posted by Mike in MO | August 20, 2008 10:01 AM


Because it's time to stop bunting for first and hit the ball over the fence, that's why.

God, you're so wussy sometimes.

Posted by Will in Seattle | August 20, 2008 10:02 AM

I hate, HATE, that people are still seriously wanting Hilary Clinton as VP. It would absolutely ruin his chances, AND runs contra to his stance as the change candidate.

Posted by NaFun | August 20, 2008 10:21 AM

Must admit I don't know a great deal about what Richardson has been up to since the Clinton administration but I think he would be best pick based on a few things mentioned above - foreign policy cred, executive experience - and also he would for certain help get out the hispanic vote and likely swing New Mexico to the dems. Biden is probably the second best choice. Think it would be a mistake to go with pretty much complete unknowns Bayh or Kaine but that is probably what he will do.

Posted by Rhizome | August 20, 2008 10:22 AM

It won't be Richardson. The poll was seriously flawed. You should do another one, perhaps one potential VP per Slog post, and the mob here can rant the pros and cons in the comments section. That would make consensus, rather than meaningless, stupid poll. Stupid, stupid poll.

Posted by Lose-Lose | August 20, 2008 10:27 AM

pick Richardson and you'll alienate once and for all the old Clinton fans fo shiz.

Posted by robo | August 20, 2008 11:07 AM

Selecting Richardson was an inevitable result of Slog's selection process. After four rounds, the least offensive person with a recognizable name will float to the top. A similar poll whose subject is "Where should we go eat lunch?" will result in McDonald's every time. (I don't have much time. I don't have much money. I don't like spicy food. Etc.)

Posted by Hillary Clinton: Quintessence of Pure Evil or merely The AntiChrist? | August 20, 2008 11:15 AM

ON THE OTHER HAND: there is no way Richardson would be able to relentlessly attack the weak points of a GOP
VP pick like Lieberman (yes, folks, they are sounding out his name).

It will have to be someone who can play offense-is-the-best-defense one on one in real time.

Hillary could do it - if she wanted to. Richardson would fail miserably.

Posted by cracked | August 20, 2008 11:49 AM

Natasha or Joely?

They both rock.

Posted by michael strangeways | August 20, 2008 11:57 AM

I don't think it will be Richardson. He might make an interesting choice, though. Consider that the Hispanic population is the fastest growing demographic. They are also a demographic that isn't solidly party faithful, like gays or African-Americans, who vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. Richardson could potentially pull a significant number of Hispanic swing voters to the D side.

I agree with Dan's assertion yesterday that Biden is a smokescreen. Why would Biden want to be Obama's VP? How would Biden being on the ticket help Obama in any way? What votes would it gain that Obama doesn't already take? It is very likely Biden will get a cabinet post out of all this, but not VP.

I don't know who it will be, but I'm guessing Obama will pull a surprise of some sort. It probably won't be anyone we've been talking about on this list.

Posted by Reverse Polarity | August 20, 2008 12:46 PM

I didn't participate in the poll, but I loves me some Biden.

Posted by Jim | August 20, 2008 1:05 PM

PS: Sally, darling, I've been using email for real one-to-one communication for more than twenty years. You don't know what you're talking about.

Posted by Fnarf | August 20, 2008 1:33 PM

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