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Sunday, June 8, 2008


'Still Orangutans' at Pacific Place

Still Orangutans is the Brazilian Slacker. In one 81-minute shot, the camera wanders around a hot city, following weird people: A little kid threatens a cashier's life (funnier than it sounds), a lesbian fights with a drunk Santa, two wasters drink perfume and pass out, a crazed writer harries an old man on the sidewalk, and so on. The movie suffers from a soft midsection, but begins with the sad beauty of a dead woman on a subway and ends with an eloping couple and a hand grenade. (Pacific Place, 600 Pine St, 9 pm, $11.)


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I'd like to thank the pundits before I interject critisim at Metro and the City of Seattle.

It's been a great day watching the world slide by on what passes as mediocricy in the new Wi-Fi jet stream.

Surely I am not the only one who can empathize with the words and feelings of The Presidential Contender whos words were twisted and intent stolen by the jilting jugglers plotter henchman.....

Remeber Al Gore saying he invented the Internet?

Ya...hey ya.... The SAM CONE ( the orange one is a sham....) Seattle Post Intelligencer Friday May 30, 2008 Life and Arts Section

If you weren't in Alaska last Summer in Egigik you wouldn't know I cut the strings and white washed the walls.

Sure, many people scoffed at Al Gore,
( pre An Inconvienent Truth ) and said without us all this never would have happened, and your vision would not have been acheived.


It takes more than the sum of one to tag along with the visionaries and calculate the compensation packages distributed unequally.

Yet there is a fine line when a man or woman knows, beyond a shadow of a doubt why the instinct to trust their "gut check" in time and claim their collective intellects place in history, so as to mark their moments inspiration and claim the prize of their spoken word and actions and accurate intent... that belief incarnate...
....more than mere vanity grasped.

I'd like to address the men and women and readership of old and young alike to challenge the leaders of the world to not dismiss this SLOG and it's content...

The observations of this writer in support of this freedom and suggestive forceful corrections for the likes of those families who have served this country to find themselves on the oposite side of the party reception line they originally hoped their plan would arrive at.

Those Families like the Bushes,
the Cheney's,
the Rumsfeld's, the Powell's...
and the Rice Families.

Along with the Clark's and Patraeus's and Pace's we elected and appointed.

Perhaps Jonathan Nelson and the Fortune 500 group and the Coulters can lay down enough time to look up the collective writing and critics shooting down people like us on the Slog and sift through the partisan politics and get to the real story here in Wi-Fi land and lay down with this goat in a lions paint brush from this terminal in Washington State.

Don't forget Senator Eric Oemigs site also.

All of our minds are alive with the constant fire of your security nets.

Perhaps we can have real progress with editorial corrections that will help expediate some of the private sector problems with the lawsuits here in this good city.... and their conductive blockers.

New york and Harvard dialog anybody????

Why not just serve us another Boston World Series and make a new re-make of another Wag the Dog?

This sarcasm is real and it is because I don't feel it is necessary to be coddled by sheltering myself from the consequence of my artistic creation... no matter how much time and newness says it's old and out of date.

My space is a dead space on myspace.

One look at the Seattle Times May 27th, 2008 A Section, with all of it's splendor and rank discourse, the inevitable re-inactment of Rossi and Gregoire's battle recount again... followed I'm sure by Tim Eyeman and an Initiative that wastes and wastes and wastes more waste.

It's just type on the news print if it doesn't change something.

So much of America is full of consumer boredom on the weekend to weekend shuffle... spinning yet again all those caught up in the humming of the food chain conveyor belt to habitual spending at the expense of creative substance.

Short sighted inspiration and the abject horror of stimulas that creates tangible reaction that no-body wants to sell....

A critque of 9-11.
Low Earth Orbiter
Give the World Love and Peace.

(or else)

Just ask U-2.

They know how to light up the receptors in the sound track of the brain with Lanois like Eno drones to spare the video laugh track the force fed auto-maton of indirection.

Riding to this spot on the Mann Metro bus with it's version of Metronet like software and people security secrets.... # 66... the slugline as I called it today. A slow descent alond the lazy end of town from no-where to no thing.

That's how writings like this are dismissed.
Criticism of the infrastructure that feeds the very nature of the drama ride built for your comfort as well as dis-pleasure.

Sur it is weirdly wonderful in a Fellini cast to se the clarity of an UNFORGIVEN character looking for her PREACHER....

....yet I wouldn't want to advertise on that that is the way to change the world, retire and die.

You see we are real people....

....contradictions in the plan to glamourize and dramatize someone elses fantasy ride for a tourist trade of security chiefs.

The ills of this world....

Honestly... I believe a panacea in contrast to the ravages of life outside of this counties borders.

What would I do?

Tour and make music and critisize until you heard the angelic voice of reason begging you to stop destruction anyway possible.


In a forced Wi-Fi homeland security stepford life bus scheduled transfer station to know-when that accommidates politics before people, conformance before expediancy, rigid rules and alarms before scheduled egress to the pre-designed slow down on a bus line to library egress....all the while affording the rocket ride of power to commuters in the grid is an insult to those that depend on a transportation system and public library to prove the more toys you have the more you are unburdened.

good night nurse.

Posted by daniel bennett kieneker | June 8, 2008 6:28 PM

Excuse me?

Posted by Will in Seattle | June 9, 2008 12:27 AM

If anyone makes it down to this comment, I saw Still Orangutans last night and was disappointed. The vignettes were interesting, but the hand held camera was a bit much and the actual stories didn't really need to be a one-shot film. As someone in the elevator said on the way out, I'm not sure if I feel sick from the camera or watching people drink perfume to get drunk. I gave it the lowest score of any of the SIFF films I've seen this year.

Posted by D. | June 9, 2008 11:29 AM

Daniel Bennett Kieneker:

Your MySpace page is dead because you haven't logged on since November 2007. Get in touch with me there...


Posted by Dan The Fisherman | June 11, 2008 1:40 AM

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