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I thought we had budget cuts - why are they trying to spend more tax dollars that we don't have?

Posted by Will in Seattle | June 25, 2008 1:16 PM

Until he can show he's competent to enforce the laws he's already got, he shouldn't be given any more.

Posted by NapoleonXIV | June 25, 2008 1:17 PM

Napoleon I don't see how you expect the city to score a conviction on a bogus charge. The point is to bend the law so that contempt of cop actually becomes a crime, because obviously the police can do no wrong.

Posted by Anon | June 25, 2008 1:29 PM

Broadening the Obstruction statute is horrible public policy and indicative of Seattle's slippery slide into a police state.

Under item "1." in this rewritten statute, a citizen could be arrested for simply asking a police officer for the time of day. And SPD will arrest you for something as minor as this. I have a photocopy of a $3500 check from the City of Seattle which says so.

Posted by DOUG. | June 25, 2008 2:52 PM

I, too, thought budgets were tight. Every time I see a story about some waste of money, I wonder about priorities.

Posted by Vince | June 25, 2008 2:58 PM

And this is a bad thing because obstruction of justice is a good thing?...

Posted by You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me | June 25, 2008 4:09 PM

You_Gotta_Be_Kidding_Me, you might want to read about how Blacks are arrested on 'contempt of cop' charge at higher rate before spouting off about "obstruction of justice."

Posted by Anon | June 25, 2008 4:31 PM

I once heard a cop accuse someone tell someone who was filming a patently illegal arrest that that they needed to stop what they were doing because it created a risk of injury, and that they were required by law to surrender the tape from their camera. I assumed the cop was blowing ass but, evidently, under parts (3) and (4), the officer was correct.

That's just double plus good.

Posted by Judah | June 25, 2008 4:37 PM

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