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Zepplin? For shame, Dominizzle!

Posted by Mr. Poe | May 20, 2008 8:49 AM

Whoops, sorry about the typo, Poe. I was a little rigid on my dirigibles this morning. Fixed now.

Posted by Dominic Holden | May 20, 2008 8:53 AM

I love these christian sex excerpts!

I wonder why no mention of strategies guys use to slow down. Like beating off a half hour before fucking, or imagining Lou Gherig's retirement speech? I mean, isn't the point to educate young horny men?

Posted by Mike in MO | May 20, 2008 9:09 AM

mike 23: this 1967 xtian text is humane and accurate. i applaud it for that. ok, no actual techniques for remedy are outlined, but then i could say that about all the secular present-day lame marriage counseling i've wasted my time with too.

Posted by ellarosa | May 20, 2008 9:20 AM

typo. i meant "mike @3"

Posted by ellarosa | May 20, 2008 9:21 AM

Well hot damn, this book is actually talking sense. Who'd have thought?

Posted by Greg | May 20, 2008 9:22 AM

“You beast, why don’t you control yourself?” This must be the ultimate pick-up line of all time. Ever. I shall use it often. Thank you, Dominic, for providing it.

Posted by Spoogie | May 20, 2008 9:22 AM

The fact that this was written in 1967, and almost acknowledges the existence of a female orgasm, makes it quite ahead of its time for churchy sex counseling.

Posted by Mahtli69 | May 20, 2008 9:41 AM

@7 - I rather like that line... "you beast" indeed.

also the "You iceberg..." one could potentially lead to cheesy pick-up line, such as "Hey baby, how 'bout I melt your polar icecaps, causing a rise in the sea-level if you know what I mean" *wink*

Posted by high and bi | May 20, 2008 9:43 AM

I think my husband and I have just acquired new nicknames for each other.

Posted by Julie | May 20, 2008 9:51 AM

If this was read in front of a brick wall at a place called... say, The Laugh Hole, it would be hilarious. Is there anything in that book about the differences between New York and L.A. or Seattle and Kent?

Posted by CommonKnowledge | May 20, 2008 10:21 AM

Julie @19, you don't sound like a beast...

Posted by Spoogie | May 20, 2008 10:31 AM

Sorry, that should have been Julie @10

Posted by Spoogie | May 20, 2008 10:33 AM

Don't forget the exciting story about Tony & Cherie Blair getting it on in the Queen's estate:

Posted by Greg | May 20, 2008 10:48 AM

my girlfriend calls me beast. BEAST!

Posted by Bellevue Ave | May 20, 2008 1:33 PM

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