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Monday, April 7, 2008

Re: Blogging, Harmful, etc. (Persian Version)

posted by on April 7 at 1:08 AM


Also in Sunday’s NYT, an article on how surprisingly diverse and kinetic Iran’s blogosphere is: Religious conservatives, liberal reformers, erotic poetry.

This interesting sentence caps off of the article:

Bloggers are not permitted to criticize the Islamic system itself, Ms. Kar said, but they are far freer than writers for newspapers or other news media.

Are the Iranian authorities oblivious to the fact that the Internet is displacing traditional media? …And so, is there a window of opportunity for reform in Iran?

Or: Is the government more permissive than they let on … because deep down, they’re actually attracted to the amazing world of the Internet too, and like everyone else, they can’t resist seeing what’s gonna happen?

Here’s an explanation of the Persian Blogosphere Map pictured above.

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perhaps the Iranian gov't sees the blogosphere as a way to move the country into a global society where they preserve their (state-mandated) culture model while allowing for the inevitable exchange of information. Forward-thinking individuals pretty much everywhere have to know that the 'net is here to stay so practical solutions are needed to "deal" with it.

Posted by anon | April 7, 2008 5:38 AM

Dick Cheney HATES it that Iran has been working on the blog and now has one.

Posted by Bob | April 7, 2008 7:25 AM

The only possible answer is that they're too fucking stupid to see that the free exchange of ideas is a death sentence to their repressive, totalitarian way of doing things.

Posted by Fifty-Two-Eighty | April 7, 2008 7:56 AM

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