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Friday, November 23, 2007

The New Crime

posted by on November 23 at 11:51 AM

The samples below show that the investigation of Meredith Kercher’s murder has three domains. Domain number one is microscopic—the space for events that are extremely small, tiny, invisible to the naked eye. This is the DNA domain.

The next domain is that of discourse. This is the narrative area, the human space of words, testimonies, accusations, and confessions. For the cops, the DNA domain is the light of truth that penetrates and clears the chaotic darkness of the discourse (human) domain.

But there is another domain of truth and light: the third domain of digital technology. Here we have blogs, email, text messages, cell phone calls, web chats, and web communities. It is this domain that makes Meredith’s murder exceptional. The digital domain, which has been with us in a significant way since the late 90s, has a larger than usual presence in this investigation. It is the large size of the third domain that broke the crime and its investigation from the past. We are witnessing something that is fully new. Full in the sense that it fully engages three domains. This new monster walks on three legs: one is shaky; two are sturdy.

The 90s saw the expansion the DNA domain. The 00s are witnessing the expansion of the digital domain. We may eventually see the death of the discourse (human) domain.

I asked her about the rather decisive evidence of the DNA on the knife, and she said, ‘Fine, but I’m innocent. Let’s see what the police do with that’.

One of the suspect’s lawyers, Vittorio Lombardo, said the test results did not mean his client was guilty. “Rudy has not denied being in Meredith’s house, and the tests do not say that the sex was not consensual,” he said. Rudy maintains he was in the bathroom when Meredith was killed, and these tests do not show anything which contradicts that.”
One of the earliest clues in the probe was a text message from Kercher’s American flatmate Amanda Knox, 20, to Congolese bar owner Patrick Lumumba Diya on the night of the murder, reading “See you later.”
A British newspaper said a Web chat involving a recently-arrested suspect in Meredith Kercherís slaying may reveal new insight into the case and possible exonerate Amanda Knox, the Seattle woman who is a suspect in the Perugia, Italy, killing of her British roommate.

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What a bunch of pseudo-intellectual crap. Seriously, Stranger staff, does he talk like this in real life or is his writing a put-on?

Posted by King Rat | November 23, 2007 12:18 PM

i'm confused. you seem to be saying that because certain pieces of the story are given more narrative weight than others, that they somehow end up transcending the narrative itself. can you shed a little (truth and) light on this process? also on how these so-called disruptive technologies can disrupt discourse itself. pardon my skepticism, but they just seem like "more" story rather than "outside of-" or "anti-" story. thanks

Posted by john | November 23, 2007 1:55 PM

amanda is not going to be proven innocent. to suggest that means you have not properly followed the story *thru italy and uk* well enough to even comment.

local girl in heap big trouble.

Posted by californicator | November 23, 2007 6:39 PM


message "see you later" is not a clue.

Posted by californicator | November 23, 2007 6:40 PM

Wop Cops Nok Knox

Posted by Natalya | November 23, 2007 7:39 PM

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